Anthony Molina, left, and Carlos Valiente, right, face murder charges in connection with a fatal shooting in North Beach in 2017. (Courtesy SFPD)

SF parking control officer among murder defendants in 2017 North Beach shooting

Anthony Molina, 31, has been arrested in connection with the killing of Oswaldo Fuentes

One of the two men charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old man in North Beach is a parking control officer for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, officials confirmed Thursday.

Anthony Molina, 31, has been charged with murder alongside 26-year-old Carlos Valiente in connection with the fatal shooting of Oswaldo Fuentes on March 11, 2017.

Molina has been employed as an SFMTA parking control officer since January 2013, according to the agency and the Department of Human Resources. He is still an active employee.

San Francisco police arrested Molina and Valiente last Thursday, more than two years after the killing. The duo pleaded not guilty to various charges Wednesday, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Attorneys for the men did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

In a motion filed Monday seeking to detain Molina and Valiente without bail, Assistant District Attorney Michael Swart said the incident unfolded after the duo left the Grant and Green Saloon with a group of friends.

At around 1:35 a.m., Swart said the group exchanged words with another set of men including Fuentes who were walking on the sidewalk.

Fuentes and his friends tried to walk away, but Molina, Valiente and the other men allegedly pursued them. Swart said Fuentes was “backpedaling” when Molina charged and began beating him.

At the same time, Valiente allegedly pulled out a pistol from his waistband and pointed the gun at Fuentes’ friends.

Swart said Fuentes was on his back as Molina punched him repeatedly when Valiente ran up and fired his handgun “directly into the defenseless Fuentes numerous times while Molina continued to punch the victim.”

“After Molina stopped punching Fuentes, Valiente then administered a coup de gras to Fuentes’ head,” Swart said. “Mr. Fuentes died instantly.”

Molina and Valiente allegedly fled the scene with their friends.

Swart said the police obtained a “substantial” amount of surveillance footage in the case.

Police previously arrested three other men in connection with the homicide, but the results of their cases were not immediately clear.

Both Molina and Valiente have been charged with murder.

Valiente has also been charged with four counts of assault with a firearm.

Molina has been charged with two counts of assault as well as one count of assault with a firearm as an aider and abetter.

Both men are being held at County Jail without bail.

As to whether being charged with murder will affect Molina’s employment, SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose on Thursday said, “We are currently working with the labor team to determine next steps.“

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