Refugee assistance groups sue to challenge new asylum restriction rule

Four refugee assistance groups sued the administration of President Donald Trump in…

House Judiciary authorizes subpoenas for Kushner, Sessions and 10 others

WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee authorized 12 more subpoenas Thursday related…

Immigrant advocates and Democrats decry renewed threat of ICE raids

President Donald Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency could target thousands of immigrantfamilies across the United States

House Judiciary Committee to vote on subpoenas on family separation order

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled for Thursday a vote on a resolution that would authorize the issuing ofsubpoenas to current and former White House officials who participated in the 2018 decisions over the “zero tolerance” policy.

Spending, legal hoops ahead for Trump on census question

Warming up for the next round of the fight over adding a citizenship question on the 2020 census after setbacks in the courts, the Trump administration faces numerous hurdles.

Tom Steyer joins swarm of Democrats running for president

California billionaire and activist Tom Steyer launched his long-shot presidential campaign Tuesday morning.

Trump administration abruptly gives up fight over census citizenship question

An email announced the decision to begin printing census forms without the controversial question.

Alabama pregnant woman shot in the stomach indicted in fetus’ death while shooter goes free

By Jessica Schladebeck, New York Daily News An Alabama woman shot in…

Supreme Court’s approval of partisan gerrymandering raises 2020 election stakes

The four liberal justices dissented, warning that new tech has made partisan gerrymandering easier

U.S. Supreme Court blocks citizenship question on census — for now

Final outcome unclear after justices send issue back to Commerce Department for further explanation

Cannabis banking bill may falter again despite state support

By Sophie Quinton, Stateline.org WASHINGTON — Many state leaders are hoping the…

Pelosi slams Facebook over doctored video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized Facebook for not taking down a doctored video of her.

U.S. failing the West when it comes to preventing wildfires

President Donald Trump has laid the blame for out-of-control California wildfires on the state’s “gross mismanagement” of its forests.

Mueller: Investigation did not exonerate Trump

In his first public comments on the Russia investigation, outgoing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III refused Wednesday to clear President Donald Trump.

Federal appeals court upholds most of California’s sanctuary laws

The Trump administration sued to block laws restricting cooperation with immigration authorities

House Democrats prepare subpoenas to see full Mueller report

WASHINGTON — A House committee plans to vote Wednesday on whether to…

Trump threatens to close border with Mexico over immigration

President Donald Trump said he’ll close the southern border next week unless…

‘Soft Power’ – the musical and the foreign policy

I saw “Soft Power” at the Curran theater last week. The play…

US economy showing signs of life after slow start to year

WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy is showing signs of more life after…

A top haven for tax cheats that may surprise you: the US

WASHINGTON — The U.S. lambastes and strong-arms countries that help drug lords…