New BART station signs will show canceled trains

“Everyone gets upset because the train arrival time says ‘5 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 5 Minutes,’ and it doesn’t come,” said Wendy Wheeler, a division manager.

Don’t blame today’s taxi drivers for the past

Back in the day, cab drivers were rude, refused to take people to the Avenues, and rarely showed up on time.

SF cable cars to stop running briefly for historic overhaul

Starting on a not-ominous-sounding Friday the 13th (of September), bus service will begin near cable car turnarounds.

BART police brawl with teenage girls in Powell BART station

Witnesses accuse one officer of escalating conflict, while praising another for keeping calm.

Google engineer charged with theft of trade secrets

A former Google executive credited with co-founding a self-driving car project for…

‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg protests with workers outside Uber HQ

California Uber and Lyft drivers agitating to be recognized as employees just…

Benioff: Mayor must ‘take responsibility’ for ambulances stuck in Mission Bay traffic

Ensuring emergency vehicles can navigate traffic around the future home of the…

Runway repairs at SFO expected to delay flights in September

Travelers could experience wait times of up two hours

The real political fight in Chinatown

The showdown over the naming of Chinatown Rose Pak Station put Chinatown’s…

SamTrans would like San Franciscans to know its Peninsula bus exists

Peninsula agency expanding commuter transit options for those traveling to and from The City

Busker, panhandler ban will come before BART board in October

It’s official: BART board director Debora Allen introduced her panhandler and busker…

All lanes reopen after northbound U.S. Highway 101 shut down by hit-and-run crash

Collision caused chunks of concrete to fall on to city streets below

I Drive SF: Revisiting long-distance taxi rates

Naturally, many taxi customers balk at the prospect of paying more than the normal rate.

ACLU warns BART panhandling and busking ban is ‘unconstitutional’ — and could lead to lawsuits

Elected BART leaders are considering banning panhandling and busking — playing music…

Scoot’s low-income customers are on the rise

Even previous harsh critics acknowledged that Scoot is improving.

New Chinatown station to be named for Rose Pak, but opponents vow to keep fighting

Debate over power broker’s legacy exposes deep rifts in Chinese community

Muni reaches compromise with merchants on loss of Great Highway parking

After an uproar from Sunset and Parkside merchants, a Muni construction project…

SFO bans bottled water sales

Starting Tuesday, retailers at San Francisco International Airport will be prohibited from…

New SamTrans line provides faster service between San Francisco and Foster City

Peninsula commuters have a faster option thanks to a new bus service…

Muni service delayed by train with mechanical problems

Muni Metro subway service experienced delays Monday morning due to a mechanical…