SF offers incentive for companies to voluntarily pay homeless tax

San Francisco will give companies a chance to voluntarily pay a homeless…

Proposal to shut down juvenile hall draws show of support

Mayor, some black community leaders not yet sold on proposal

Cost to move city agencies out of Hall of Justice going up

Office space leases part of long term replacement plans that include land purchase next to courthouse

With Hennessy retiring, Miyamoto jumps into SF sheriff’s race

The chief deputy sheriff is the first major candidate in the running

SFMTA official says SF supervisors ‘water down’ safety projects

In the 1976 film “Network,” fictional news anchor Howard Beale commands millions…

San Francisco plans to better protect residents, visitors during bad air days

City could shut down events, improve health and safety measures for vulnerable populations

Discovering presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

I like to ask people how they discovered Pete Buttigieg.

Mayor taps Board of Appeals president for Planning Commission

Following the sudden withdrawal of a San Francisco developer from nomination to…

Supervisors oppose state legislation that would increase housing density

A resolution opposing a controversial statewide housing density bill is set to…

SF to offer financial incentive for businesses to pay homeless tax caught up in litigation

While the revenue from a voter-approved tax on big companies in San…

Fiery SF waterfront advocate, Corinne Woods, dies at 72

Corinne Woods, a fierce waterfront advocate, died peacefully in her home Monday…

Years after FBI probe, SF pay-to-play case ends in plea deals

The corruption scandal emerged from an investigation into organized crime in Chinatown

Breed, Yee call for planned affordable housing bond to grow to $500M

SF’s property tax growth allows for larger measure

Comedy event to go forward at Fillmore Center despite security concerns

All other events canceled through April after deadly shooting as city debates extending lease

Wiener’s housing density legislation faces hometown opposition

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s second attempt to pass legislation increasing housing density…

Mar: Lyft IPO could contribute to income ‘disparities’ in SF

San Francisco-based transportation networking company Lyft went public Friday, with its stock…

SFPOA drops lawsuit seeking to block release of officer personnel records

San Francisco’s police union on Friday dropped a lawsuit seeking to block…