Community colleges will be essential to California’s recovery

By Jenny Worley and Shanell Williams When the shelter-in-place order is finally…


CCSF administrators and elected leaders need to accept city help to prevent class cuts

By Madeline Mueller The recent and unprecedented cut of some additional 300…


Dear Sally Stephens: Chesa Boudin will stand up for crime victims

Dear Sally: Based on your latest column, a “Letter to San Francisco’s…


SF neighborhoods demand fixes to Senate Bill 50

Community development planning needs to be equitable

SF’s failed ‘War on Drugs’ needs innovation to transform the status quo

By Hadi Razzaq San Francisco has historically responded to street-level drug activity…

Street tree removals are a last resort to protect public safety

By Mohammed Nuru and Carla Short Three years ago, San Francisco voters…

A ridehail tax won’t fix traffic congestion

By Susan Vaughan and David Fairley Centuries ago, the Catholic church sold…

Ugly attacks in the district attorney’s race

By Sandra Lee Fewer and Matt Haney Households across San Francisco recently…

No tree removals without justification

Advocates decry city plans to take down ficuses

Mental health issues require the right level of care at the right time

By Vivian Imperiale Mental health has been in the news, with several…

Vote no on Prop. E, re-zoning public land

By Patrick Monette-Shaw The Examiner’s two-sentence recommendation urging voters to support Proposition…

Letters: Does a possible Brown Act violation justify pulling a false fire alarm?

A police sergeant facing misdemeanor charges may have had good reason for her actions

Banning plastic water bottles at SFO is only a first step

We should also be talking about the water inside.

Is San Francisco racist?

Let’s face the reality of explicit racial bias and safety inequity

You know my name?

A new bill could change the way San Francisco candidates court Chinese speaking voters

Discovering presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

I like to ask people how they discovered Pete Buttigieg.

Pressure of college admission takes toll on students

By Liza Meak I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, which…

  • Mar 22, 2019

SFPUC committed to helping greenhouses

More than 25 years ago, the Southeast Greenhouses located at 1150 Phelps…