Justin Paul

Ben Levi Ross, center (with Marrick Smith, left, and Maggie McKenna in front) sings up a storm as the title character in “Dear Evan Hansen” at the Curran. (Courtesy Matthew Murphy)

‘Evan Hansen’ boldly takes on digital age disconnection

The turn-off-your-cellphone announcement at the beginning of the national tour of “Dear…


Christopher Swan, center, plays the Old Man of leg lamp fame in the musical “A Christmas Story.” (Courtesy Carol Rosegg)

‘Christmas Story’ musical brings movie’s charms to ‘next level’

Christopher Swan has inviting words for theater patrons attending the musical “A…


Jeffrey Brian Adams and Caitlin Brooke are superb in San Francisco Playhouse’s local premiere of the musical “Dogfight.” (Courtesy Jessica Palopoli)

‘Dogfight’ a sentimental, authentic charmer

A love story with unorthodox, yet real, characters is a rare thing…