Hawaii shark attack victim ‘went out for one last swim’

Thomas Smiley seemingly could do anything and enjoyed everything.

California sues Trump administration to recover $1 billion high-speed rail grant

Lawsuit links decision to restrict state funding to Newsom’s criticism of Trump’s immigration plan

Trump administration ends $929-million pact to build California high-speed

Federal grants crucial to plan for 171-mile partial bullet-train segment from Bakersfield to Merced

Gavin Newsom to repurpose Schwarzenegger’s Capitol smoking tent

As Gavin Newsom’s team prepared for him to take office last fall, Ann O’Leary brought her two children with her to work.

Actress Felicity Huffman pleads guilty in college admissions scam

Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty in a Boston courtroom Monday.

Retired judges say they are victims of ‘workplace ageism’

Lawsuit challenges rules limiting time on the bench

Federal appeals court upholds most of California’s sanctuary laws

The Trump administration sued to block laws restricting cooperation with immigration authorities

Wiener legislation to ban cosmetic genital surgeries on intersex infants delayed

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill was opposed by doctors who said parents should decide

Baby sex surgery sparks clash at California Capitol between doctors, LGBTQ community

Who should get to decide what to do when a baby is born with atypical genitals?

Chiu bill would prevent cities from towing vehicles for nonpayment of parking tickets, registration

Cities would no longer be allowed to tow vehicles with multiple unpaid…

California is drought-free for the first time in nearly a decade

LOS ANGELES — It's official: California is 100 percent drought-free. For the…

Students sue universities alleging unfair practices in wake of college admissions scandal

Four college students filed an unfair business practices lawsuit in federal court…

‘Ineffective, irreversible and immoral:’ Gavin Newsom gives 737 death row inmates a reprieve

Gov. Gavin Newsom put a moratorium on the death penalty in California…

9th Circuit judges appear skeptical of challenge to California’s sanctuary laws

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court appeared skeptical Wednesday of efforts…

Historic march against Wells Fargo planned for this week

Last weekend, reports of unethical business practices at Wells Fargo surfaced again.…

Gas cars may soon become as obsolete as horse-drawn buggies

Years ago, horse-drawn carriages shuttled San Franciscans up and down our hilly…

California is suing Trump administration over rules restricting abortion access

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Leading what is expected to be a national battle…

No charges for Sacramento police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) Calls for changes to California's use of force policies echoed…

PG&E admits its equipment likely caused California’s worst wildfire

LOS ANGELES — Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said Thursday that it…

Can Trump take back California’s high-speed rail money? A look at the political and legal battle ahead

LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration’s decision to cancel a $927 million…