Warriors can’t help but listen to trade rumors flying around Cavs

OAKLAND — Ask Draymond Green about the trade rumors swirling around the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the two-time All-Star forward insists he doesn’t have anything to add.

“I don’t really pay attention to it,” Green said following practice on Tuesday.

But then, without the prompting of a follow up, Green dismantled the rumor that he purported not to care anything about.

“I think nothing of Kevin Love being traded,” Green added, referring to a report from the New York Daily News which claimed that LeBron James is pushing the Cavs to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks — even if Love is part of the acquisition cost.

“That’s not happening,” Green said. “So, when I even hear it, I just wonder whoever said it, like where do they get their credibility from? Like as a blogger or journalist or whatever. Like, where do you get your credibility from if you really think that Kevin Love is going to be traded?”

“Yeah, they could make a complete fool out of me and go do it tomorrow, but I think their goal is to win a championship — not to make a fool out of me. So, I don’t think that’s happening. But, it’s just my opinion.”

With the trade deadline looming on Feb. 23, title hopefuls like the Cavs are scrambling to find that final upgrade to match the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Dubs’ most consequential roster-related question right now is determining whether former D-League standout Briante Weber will earn himself a second 10-day contract.

“I don’t really pay attention [to the reports],” Shaun Livingston said, echoing Green almost word-for-word, when asked about the rumors circulating around the league.

“Especially if it’s about me,” the backup point guard said with a laugh.

Also like Green, Livingston has heard the noise surrounding the Warriors’ top rival and isn’t exactly tuning it out.

“It’s human nature to see it,” Livingston said. “But at the end of the day, all that matters is the end [of the season]. I know I sound like a coach [and] clichéd, but I don’t really care about what’s going on with other teams. I mean, you see it. It’s good to know. Food for thought, but at the end of the day, it’s just us.”

Thompson returns after grandfather’s funeral

Klay Thompson was back at the practice facility on Wednesday morning after spending a couple of days away from the team to attend to the funeral of his maternal grandfather.

“It was tough, but it was great to be with family,” Thompson said after returning from the service in the Portland suburb of Vancouver, Wash. “We had a great celebration of my grandfather’s life. He was a tremendous man. I’m going to miss him.”

With Thompson’s dad, Mychal, frequently on the road as an NBAer-turned-broadcaster, the Splash Brother forged a strong bond with his grandfather.

“He was always around,” Thompson said. “When my father was gone for two years working in the Midwest, he was always there for us. He would always come to games and was really proud of what I did and it made me happy to make him proud.”

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