Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Currycplays against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the second half of an NBA basketball game, Thursday, Nov….

You do understand what we’re witnessing here, right? It’s a MOMENT, deserving of all caps and exclamation points and emojis, a twinkling in time when one’s appreciation of sports crystalizes through the scandals and greed. Not only is Stephen Curry reshaping the prism in which basketball is watched and the way singular and team greatness are measured, he’s presenting the very photo album we want from our cherished athletes, that of a grounded 27-year-old everydude with a beautiful family and nothing in his life that gives us the slightest pause.

He is a 21st-century miracle — transformative yet uncomplicated, obsessed yet joyful, gifted yet relatable, all-conquering yet slight of body, the fifth-highest-paid player on his team yet not the least bit miffed about it, the NBA’s best player and burning to be even better with neurological advances and drills that have made him quicker and smarter while extending his three-point shooting range to, oh, Napa, where his game should be toasted with the finest vintage.

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