Sacred Heart Cathedral's Valentino Miles earns prep Player of the Year honors

It’s almost hard to put into words just how important Valentino Miles was to the Sacred Heart Cathedral football team this season.

The best way to gauge Miles’ impact, however, was when he was not on the field. In the moments where Miles was not in the game, the Irish struggled mightily, but when he was in, the standout senior running back was electric.

Miles ran for a city-high 1,602 yards and had 18 touchdowns rushing, but was also the Irish’s leading receiver, with 514 yards and four touchdowns on 34 receptions. Miles amounted for more than 71 percent of Sacred Heart’s total rushing yardage and more than 58 percent of the Irish’s total yards from scrimmage.

Most of that production came in West Catholic Athletic League play, arguably the best football league in Northern California, and that’s why he’s The San Francisco Examiner and City Player of the Year.

As much as Miles meant to the Irish offense, the All-City first team offense is dominated by St. Ignatius, mostly stemming from the strong left arm of junior quarterback Jack Stinn.</p>

Stinn, a first-team selection himself, threw for a city-high 2,597 yards and 18 touchdowns.

His favorite targets were fellow first-team selections in wide receiver Mike Pia (851 yards and eight touchdowns on 45 receptions) and tight end Travis McDow (645 yards and four touchdowns on 41 receptions).

The St. Ignatius passing game flourished, but first-team fullback Dom Truoccolo may have been the most dynamic offensive player on the team.

After the Wildcats’ game against Mitty early in the season, opposing head coach Matt Haniger called Truoccolo “one of the best blocking fullbacks I’ve ever seen,” but when starting running back Kerry Crowley went down with an injury in the Central Coast Section playoffs, the senior moved to halfback.

Truoccolo ran for 316 yards in the Wildcats’ final two games, including 179 yards and a touchdown against Sacred Heart in the CCS Division III championship game.

The St. Ignatius offense garnered most of the first-team attention, but Sacred Heart was most present on the defensive side of the ball.

Irish senior linebackers John Morello and Viliami Uikilifi led a standout run-stop unit all season, while senior defensive backs Zach Tapel and Gino Ragusa limited the opposing passing game.

The first team is undoubtedly West Catholic Athletic League-heavy, but the Academic Athletic Association had its share of standout individuals.

Mission junior Mane Fale and senior Darius Grays led the AAA’s largest and most athletic line on both sides of the ball, while AAA Player of the Year Davon Hargraves led the Bears at quarterback and on defense at safety.

Many AAA standout players played both ways, most notably Galileo sophomore Ronzel Fox, who ran for 903 yards on just 121 carries, caught 19 passes for 377 yards and secured a team-high 108 tackles.

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All-City team

Player of the Year: Valentino Miles, senior, Sacred Heart Cathedral 

Coach of the Year: Joe Albano, Mission



QB: Jack Stinn, junior, St. Ignatius
RB: Lajarie Mabrey, senior, Washington
FB: Dom Truoccolo, senior, St. Ignatius
TE: Travis McDow, senior, St. Ignatius
WR: Mike Pia, senior, St. Ignatius
WR: Andrew Vollert, senior, St. Ignatius
OL: Chris Crowley, senior, St. Ignatius
OL: Riley White, senior, SHC
OL: Mane Fale, junior, Mission
OL: Robert Wolfgang, junior, SHC
OL: Kevin Blohm, junior, St. Ignatius
All-purpose: Jaime McHenry, senior, Washington
K: Michael Capitolo, junior, St. Ignatius


LB: John Morello, senior, SHC
LB: Viliami Uikilifi, senior, SHC
LB: Ronzel Fox, sophomore, Galileo
DB: Gino Ragusa, senior, SHC
DB: Kevin O’Connor, senior, St. Ignatius
DB: Zach Tapel, senior, SHC
DB: Davon Hargraves, senior, Mission
DL: Darius Grays, senior, Mission
DL: Joseph Gilleran, senior, Riordan
DL: Charles Goldensohn, senior, St. Ignatius
DL: Mark Singh, junior, SHC
P: Daniel Lalor, junior, SHC



QB: Zach Masoli, sophomore, Riordan
RB: Kerry Crowley, senior, St. Ignatius
FB: Jordan Gomes, senior, SHC
TE: Philip Montgomery, junior, Washington
WR: Jeivon Parker, senior, SHC
WR: Chris Hall, sophomore, Riordan
OL: Deion Deng, senior, Riordan
OL: Collin Luu, senior, Lincoln
OL: Joshua Kidd, senior, Washington
OL: Devon Villanueva, senior, SHC
OL: Nick Reese, junior, Riordan
All-purpose: Laboyd Ricard, senior, Stuart Hall
K: Jose Rodriguez, senior, Riordan


LB: Mark Mulligan, junior, Riordan
LB: Algeron Malbrough, senior, Mission
LB: Noah Bull, junior, St. Ignatius
DB: Will McKee, senior, St. Ignatius
DB: Albert Waters, junior, St. Ignatius
DB: Antoine Porter, junior, Mission
DB: Kelvin Sanders, junior, SHC
DL: August Peters, junior, St. Ignatius
DL: Alonzo Sweets, senior, Balboa
DL: Kevin Sullivan, junior, St. Ignatius
DL: Rodney McKinney, junior, Stuart Hall
P: Adam Badi, senior, Washington



Quarterbacks: Jack Harrington, senior, SHC; Allan Abilar, junior, Burton; Aram Gevandian, senior, Washington; Kyle Nelson, sophomore, Balboa

Running backs: Armani McFarland, junior, Riordan; Jay’Von Fields, senior, Lincoln; Antoine Crecey, junior, Balboa; Ethan Hankins, sophomore, Stuart Hall; Kamari Mitchell, senior, Marshall

Wide receivers: D.J. Harvey, senior, Riordan;Ryan Gazale, senior, St. Ignatius; Dontell Jackson, sophomore, Galileo; Matt Hewitson, sophomore, SHC

Offensive line: Rajah Britton, senior, Lincoln; Brandon Nguyen, junior, Mission; Andrew Lei, senior, Galileo; Jack Gardiner, junior, SHC

Linebackers: Arcelio Reybol, junior, Riordan; Drew Jackson, senior, Riordan; William Zolan, senior, Lowell; Davion Telfor, sophomore, Lincoln; Charlie Yip, junior, Washington; Luis Moran, senior, Balboa; Alex Asadorian, senior, Stuart Hall; Toby Kuang, senior, Lowell; Mike Wallace, sophomore, SHC

Defensive line: Robert Harlin, senior, Lowell; Sergio Alvarado, senior, Washington; Iwunna Ugbaja, senior, Riordan

Defensive backs: Stevin Zhu, senior, Lowell; Damon Bannag, senior, Lincoln; Nathaniel Warren, senior, Riordan

All-purpose: Joshua Burnoski, sophomore, Lincoln; Andrew Arellano, senior, Balboa

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