Pressure already building for Game 7 of Warriors-Clippers

OAKLAND — There is always talk of the pressure of the playoffs, and conventional wisdom would seem to suggest that was already squarely on the Warriors heading into Thursday's win to force a Game 7 in their first-round playoff matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Both coaches agreed, however, that the pressure was already on Los Angeles as the team that had the chance to close out the series.

“What [the Clippers don't] want in this situation is a Game 7, because anything can happen,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said before Thursday's game. “So I don't think the Clippers [came] in here with the mentality they've got one to bury and they can go back home.”

When told of Jackson's comments, Clippers coach Doc Rivers didn't have any problem accepting the extra weight.

“I'm good with that,” Rivers said. “I think the pressure is on us every night, so I'm fine with that. Pressure is good.”

What isn't good, Rivers said, is players thinking about the need to close out the series instead of what it takes to get there.

“I'm hoping our guys don't but, I think what teams do is start thinking about that instead of the process,” he said. “If you do your job and stay focused on the process, the results will happen. But I hate when I hear guys talk about results first, and that's usually a recipe for disaster, honestly.”

The pressure will now rest equally on both teams as the winner of Game 7 on Saturday will advance to the next round to play either the Memphis Grizzlies or Oklahoma City Thunder, who will have a Game 7 of their own Saturday.

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