Postcard from New Orleans: Southern hospitality the way to go

NEW ORLEANS — I can get used to this whole Southern hospitality thing.

Just about everywhere you turn in the Big Easy, you are met with a “Have a nice day,” “How are you?” or a number of other pleasantries.

I’ve been called sweetheart by a concierge, a bus driver and a random guy on the street. OK, the last one was admittedly a bit awkward, but welcoming nonetheless.

And it goes beyond people in the service industry who could possibly be fishing for tips; it’s widespread.

None of this is meant to demean San Franciscans or other people across the country. It’s just the people of New Orleans have a certain charm when you interact with them. And it’s a genuine welcoming feeling they are giving off, not some kind of fake feeling you might find in a place like Los Angeles.

The Crescent City has fully embraced the Super Bowl and the people of New Orleans are doing everything to make visitors feel right at home.

Southern hospitality? It’s not just a saying after all.

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