Players, coaches keep it loose day before Finals

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers met with the media after practice on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming NBA Finals.

And with so many journalists from around the world in attendance, the subjects of conversation wandered at times.

Here are the best quotations:

Klay Thompson on old players knocking the 73 Dubs: “I’m probably going to hate on the younger generation too when it’s all said and done. I mean, my father still does it.”

(Points for self-awareness.)

Stephen Curry on Draymond Green knowing all 34 players drafted ahead of him: “I was very surprised. I was the 7th pick, and sometimes I forget one of those for a second.”

(The name he’s forgetting is Jonny Flynn.)

Tyronn Lue on if Anderson Varejao could reveal privileged information after being traded from the Cavs to the Dubs midseason: “Hopefully he doesn’t know too much.”

(Usually double agents don’t have hair like that.)

Cavs guard Kyrie Irving on scouting the Western Conference Finals: “To be completely honest with you, I wish I could say I sat there and watched every game and just really tried to study as much as possible. … I caught bits and pieces. Man, I was literally in bed at like 9 or 10 every single night. … I’d wake up in between and the game would still be on. Other than that I was finishing my night watching Family Guy.”

(Watching shows like that is the bert argument against one-and-dones.)

LeBron James on if he Ubers like Stephen Curry: “(Hesitates) I’ve been in one, but I don’t have an account.”

(Smart man. Because in Cleveland, his rider rating would’ve started really high, then tanked for a few years before returning to five stars again.)

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