Kerr praises Speights, says he’s disconcerted by Trump

OAKLAND — With the Los Angeles Clippers visiting Oracle Arena on Saturday evening, Marreese Speights was set to make his return to his old home and Steve Kerr — his old coach with the Golden State Warriors — was ready to greet him.

“Mo’s one of my favorite people that I’ve ever been around,” Kerr said of the big man, who won a title with the Dubs in 2015. “He’s just got a smile on his face. He loves to play. He loves to shoot. He’s a phenomenal shooter.”

Speights, who’s averaging 10.2 points per game with the Clips, is enjoying his strongest season from beyond the arc, raining in 3-pointers at better than 40 percent.

“We have a theory .. he shoots anything leather,” joked his current head coach Doc Rivers.

Kerr also praised Speights for his ability to thrive in a sporadic and often undefined role with the Warriors.

“He was such a pro for us the last couple years,” Kerr said. “He made my job so much easier because I’d play him one game and I wouldn’t play him the next. Everything was based on matchups or what happened in the game. He hardly ever had a regular spot in the rotation, and yet, he just came to work every day with a smile on his face, played with great joy and helped us win a ton of games. I mean, there were so many games where we were stuck in the water and all the sudden he makes five jumpers in a row and breaks the game open. So, we love Mo around here and we’re happy for him that he’s having a really good year.”

Kerr talks Trump

In recent days, Kerr has re-tweeted several tweets criticizing the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency. When asked if he had any thoughts on the POTUS, Kerr played it close to the vest.

“I do,” Kerr said, before explaining he’d prefer to focus on the Clippers.

“We’re going to lock in on the game,” Kerr added. “I’ll just say that what’s happening is really scary and disconcerting.”

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