Kaepernick to work with Kurt Warner, other QB coaches

SAN FRANCISCO — Colin Kaepernick is headed to the Arizona desert to work with Kurt Warner this offseason.

The San Francisco quarterback will begin his training and study with Warner and quarterbacks coaches Dennis Gile and Mike Giovando on Monday in Phoenix. Gile says they have come up with a program for the next 12 weeks until Kaepernick re-joins the 49ers in early April.

While Kaepernick will maintain his regular weight training and running routine, this will be different as he has never had a true quarterback coach. Gile says they will focus on film study, chalk talk sessions and drills such as 7-on-7. NFL wide receivers and some college players preparing for the draft are expected to take part.

The Sacramento Bee first reported Kaepernick would team up with Warner this winter.

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