Jed York makes statement, deserves recognition

The San Francisco 49ers did something commendable on Tuesday when CEO Jed York pledged $75,000 to the Equality North Carolina Foundation, a group committed to repealing the state’s discriminatory bathroom law.

York made the pledge as the league held its owners meeting in Charlotte.

“If we are having a meeting here,” York told The Associated Press, “I wanted to do something.”

There will always be the cynics who say he could’ve done more or that he’s being an opportunist, but even if that is the case, he still deserves credit for putting the money down and taking a progressive stance in the NFL — a league not known for forward thinking.

It’s easy for sports figures to sit on the fence when it comes to polarizing social issues — see: Michael Jordan’s “Republicans buy sneakers, too” comment, or Stephen Curry earlier this year choosing not to take issue with his home state’s ridiculous anti-trans bathroom law.

So for York, a businessman over all else, to make a statement with his pocketbook speaks volumes and he deserves the accompanying public-relations bump.

Mark Davis makes statement, deserves condemnation

The Raiders’ Mark Davis also made a statement at the NFL owners meeting, but his wasn’t as influential or even new.

He wants to move his team to Las Vegas and he’s gotten “positive” reports the move will be feasible.

“I have given my commitment to Las Vegas and if they can get done what they’re talking about doing, then we will go to Las Vegas,” Davis said, according to AP.

It’s clear Davis wants out of the East Bay, and the league won’t get in his way out of town.

So, what can Raiders fans do at this point?

“Not much,” say all of the Seattle Supersonics fans watching the NBA playoffs through tears.

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