It’s time to cancel Kap drama

Now that Colin Kaepernick has mastered the quarterback position, he can share his expertise on everything from law enforcement to the presidential race to who knows what next.

C’mon, Kap, stop the charade already. You’re killin’ us.

Far worse, you’re killin’ your team.

Some apologists tell us that the Kaepernick’s boycott of the anthem fiasco has somehow bonded the group. That his national anthem boycott has had a positive effect in the locker room.

Watch the games much, people?

What the rest of us have seen the last two weeks is a fragmented, dispirited team that doesn’t read from the same book let alone the same page. Blame coach Chip Kelly if you like — he’s not a Vince Lombardi School of Leadership grad, as we know — but Balls bets the lack of trust, blown assignments and the reluctance to compete aren’t part of his game plan.

No, sumpin’s wrong here, and it goes deeper than x’s and o’s.

It starts with the elephant in the locker room, one that general manager Trent Baalke and CEO Jed York should have removed for the good of the team months ago. If Balls reads the tea leaves correctly, they intend to do that sooner than later. For football reasons, it’s time to move on from the Kaepernick project. The guy has had his chances, and he’ll turn 29 soon.

Hel-lo, Cleveland?

As you might recall, there was talk that Kap was headed to the Browns before the last draft. Now they’re down to a third-stringer at quarterback. Balls wouldn’t wish the crap Browns on anyone — OK, it probably would — but maybe Kaepernick would respond to African-American head coach Hue Jackson and a change of scenery.

Or how ’bout the New York Jets?

So badly did Kaepernick and his rad girlfriend/chief adviser Nessa Diab want NYC after last season, he/they asked the Niners to trade him. The Jets re-signed Ryan Fitzpatrick instead, but did you see what he did last weekend? Heaved six interceptions. At the very least, a healthy Kaepernick would represent an upgrade over Geno Smith as the back-up.

OK, the Canadian Football League, then?

For football reasons, Kap has gotta go and gotta go real soon. Somewhere, anywhere.

REST OF THE STORY: Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys visit Santa Clara this weekend.

The same Dak Prescott of whom Niners defense coordinator Jim O’Neil said earlier this week, “He’s not playing like a rookie quarterback right now. He’s playing like a quarterback that’s been in the league for four or five years.”

That’s right — he’s the same Prescott whom the Niners coulda drafted as late as the fourth round a few months ago.

Baalke claims to have nothing against young QBs in the draft. Except that, in his six-year tenure, Kaepernick has been the only one taken in the first five rounds. Clueless Trent may get another chance, although it’s certain to come with another organization in another city.

TIP OF THE KAP: Even if Kaepernick never throws another pass in a Niners’ uniform, don’t say the the $11.9-million bench-warmer hasn’t made an impact in his farewell season.

The #boycottNFL movement has taken off, as television ratings have gone down, down, down three weeks in a row. From one-sided games to injured star players, we’ve heard a lot of tired excuses for the decline. Fact is, the connection between the dwindling interest in the NFL and its brazen lack of respect for the flag and those who made sacrifices to protect it is too strong, too obvious to dismiss as mere coincidence.

What Kaepernick has done is push a lot of fans over the edge finally. And for that, Balls can’t thank him enough.

NO HURRY, CURRY: The Warriors open preseason camp this week, and already Stephen Curry has all but promised to re-sign with them as a free agent next summer.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Curry in anything other than a Warriors’ uniform. But in the salary cap era, you never say never.

What if this gradually becomes less of Curry’s team and more of Kevin Durant’s team?

And everything doesn’t go according go the master plan?

And the Warriors gag in the postseason again?

Save for future discussion.

THE LIST: Can’t-miss picks against the spread for Week 4 of the NFL season. Or your money back …

Whoever at New England Patriots (-3 1/2 points).

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers (-4).

Tennessee Titans (+5) at Houston Texans.

Last week: 1-2. Season: 2-7 (.222).

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