It isn’t the Hunger Games, it’s the NBA

Warriors fans have latched onto a certain chant this postseason: “Ref, you suck!”

Aside the fact that the referees haven’t sucked — in my estimation, they’ve been fair above all else to the defending Champs — the NBA has an officiating issue.

Simply because perception is reality.

Fans are cynical about the process. Conspiracy theorists are louder and granted more validity every year. And everything the league does to counteract this problem seems to backfire.

Take the official two-minute reports the league has been distributing this year. Some pan the practice as closing the apartment door after the pomeranian is loose (to use a more city-specific idiom). But commissioner Adam Silver says the reports help with league transparency and defended his refs with an aw-shucks attitude before the start of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

“[Officials] understand there is huge potential to be embarrassed when the league is putting out reports and acknowledging that calls are wrong, and they want to get it right, too,” Silver said. “Believe me. I mean, it’s just like we’ve all had those moments and I finish a press conference and I say, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe what I just said,’ and I see myself on television and it’s even worse.”

What I don’t get is, even if the conspiracies are real — that the league pulls off a grand scheme to predetermine who takes home the Larry O’Brien trophy each year — why should anyone care?

This is pro basketball — an entertainment business, at best, and a means of distraction from our miserable lives at worst. Applying paranoia doesn’t make sense and only ensures more sadness.

Leave the officials alone. Stop dreaming up nefarious plots of how the NBA is out to get your favorite team.

I’m not denying disgraced official Tim Donaghy’s revelations aren’t a massive black eye for the league. I’m just saying I don’t care, because this isn’t a life or death matter. It’s basketball.

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