Hulk Hogan jury to Gawker: Pay up, brother

American icon/disgrace Hulk Hogan won his case on Friday against Gawker Media for posting a video of his sex tape, which included his friend DJ Bubba The Love Sponge Clem’s wife. How much was the Hulkamaniac rewarded for damages? $115 million, marking the most anyone wearing his funeral do-rag has won in court. Naturally, the heavyweight champion of n-word usage celebrated on Twitter:


Michigan State became just the eighth No. 2 seed in history to lose to a No. 15 seed in NCAA tournament history on Friday. For gamblers and Draymond Green, the Spartan’s failures hurt especially bad. More money was placed on MSU in Las Vegas sportsbooks than any of the other 67 teams in the bracket, according to ESPN. The Warriors’ resident trash talker didn’t take the loss well and didn’t get any comfort from his mother Mary Babers-Green, who shared a Dubs staffer’s photoshopped meme of Draymond’s body with Michael Jordan’s crying face. Tough love.


Offensive tackle Russell Okung signed with the Denver Broncos on Thursday for five years and $53 million, which seems like a sweet deal. But Okung chose to represent himself in contract negotiations, and the results — obtained by Pro Football Talk — are about what you’d expect. The major problem: The agreement includes no guaranteed money. The team can also void the contract before the season even starts, among other problems. File this as another reason you should never act as your own agent (or defense attorney).


The Dallas Cowboys signed Raiders’ restricted free-agent defensive end Benson Mayowa to an offer sheet Friday, according to the Associated Press. Pride and Poise has five days to match the three-year, $8.55-million deal. Mayowa had a decent 2015 campaign with 16 tackles, a sack and two fumble recoveries. Hopefully, the Boys’ interest in pass rushers ensures Greg Hardy’s unemployment in 2016.

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