Grizzles’ style is opposite Warriors, could be a problem for Golden State

The Warriors have played 25 games in which they’ve logged 30 or more assists. The second-best passing team in the league, the Houston Rockets, have reached that plateau six times.

Effective passing is the key to Golden State’s success, which could be why its ugliest loss of the season came against a Memphis team that held the Dubs to their lowest number of assists while causing the most turnovers — leading to their worst point-total of any game this season.

“We couldn’t have played much worse,” coach Steve Kerr told reporters after that game, “and I thought [the Grizzlies] were great. They came out, took it to us.”

Memphis is equipped with veterans whose calling card is slowing games down and making opponents uncomfortable. It’s why the Grizzlies are regularly a playoff team despite what some analytics — like their perpetually near-zero point differential — would suggest.

And in an NBA that — one would think — has evolved to the point of making their style obsolete, Memphis still competes at a high level thanks to a top-three defense.

And while the Utah Jazz have similar bona fides, they played scared, according to star center Rudy Gobert, when they came to Oracle Arena in December. It remains to be seen if Memphis, which was swept by the Los Angeles teams in back-to-back days this week, will fall to the same fate. But if there’s been any trend in the small-sample size of Dub losses: It’s that teams that espouse a “grit and grind” ethos — like the Grizzlies or Spurs — offer the biggest challenge to Kerr’s team.

“[The Grizzlies] definitely took us out of our rhythm early, and we let that affect us on the offensive end and the defensive end,” Klay Thompson said about Memphis’ ability to throw the Warriors off.

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