Greens ‘near-perfect’

United States Golf Association Executive Director Mike Davis, the man tasked with the course setup for the U.S. Open, is quite fond of the greens at the Olympic Club. In fact, he thinks they couldn’t be much better.

“In terms of the putting greens, this week what I will say is they’re literally near-perfect,” Davis said in his pretournament news conference Wednesday.

Davis indicated he expects more putts to drop this year than in the previous four Opens held at the Olympic Club.

“If you hit it on the right line with the right speed, you’re going to make it this week,” he said.

Here are some of the other insights Davis offered in advance of the first round:

  • Davis disagreed with Phil Mickelson’s assessment earlier in the week when Lefty had less-than-flattering things to say about the par-5, 670-yard 16th hole. “I think what we were trying to do and I think we have succeeded, at least I hope so that we succeed on it, is that we really wanted to make a true three-shot par 5,” Davis said.
  • The USGA is planning on playing the 16th hole to its max 670 yards two out of the four days of the championship, likely once today or Friday and once Saturday or Sunday.
  • The rough around the Lake Course ranges from 3 to 7 inches in length and it will be a crapshoot if a ball finds a good lie or not.
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