Giants must know now: Winning will get them nowhere

Your Saaaaan Francisco Giants won four of their last five games last week, and that nonsense had to stop and stop immediately.

See, girls and boys, there is no victory in victory at Third and King. The more the Giants resemble the wheeze kids that they had been since July of last year, the better their lot in the draft. Heck, blow enough games, and they could even overtake the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox in the turtle race for the No. 1 pick. That’s a heck of a consolation prize.

Far worse, the more success that the team has on the field, the greater chance that general manager Bobby Evans will delude himself into thinking that only a few tweaks will be necessary after the season.

Hasn’t Evans made that mistake one too many times already?

In retrospect, we should have heard this free-fall a-comin’ like a freight train down the tracks. At the All-Star break a year ago, manager Bruce Bochy’s club owned a 57-33 record and plus-73 runs differential. Almost nobody expected them to continue at that place, but few thought they would fall off the Golden Gate Bridge, either. They were a totally different bunch the rest of the way — 30-42 and plus 11 — when they looked every bit their age. Consider that eight regulars were on the brink of 30 or older, and there was no reason to believe they would get much better, none whatsoever.

In the postseason play-in game, Madison Bumgarner offered more false hope when he shut out the injury-depleted New York Mets B team. Then came the loss against the World Series-bound Chicago Cubs and more what-ifs and might-have-beens.

Well, enough of the charade already.

Just suck, baby.

HEY, LOOK … A Giants left fielder had a six-game hitting streak with five doubles and eight RBI!

His name is Jarrett Parker!

JUST SAYIN’: Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers finally was stripped of his general manager duties, and here’s why the Warriors should be concerned: The voice of new Clippers consultant Jerry West just got louder.

The Summer of Love doesn’t end until Grace Slick says so.

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