Geekery: One and done or twice as nice

As a novelty, Pat Venditte's switch-pitcher act makes for fun conversation. But a closer look at the A's reliever, who throws right- and left-handed and is armed with a versatile glove that his two thumbs and six fingers, shows he may be better off exclusively as a lefty. As spring training nears its conclusion, Venditte's Cactus League performances have been markedly better as a lefty than a righty, which reduces his value considerably.

Pat Venditte in spring training:

vs. LHB vs. RHB Total

IP 4 6 10

H 1 8 9

R 0 5 5

ER 0 5 5

HR 0 1 1

BB 2 2 4

SO 6 0 6

Opp. BA .077 .320 .237

ERA 0.00 7.50 4.50


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