Frantz: College ranking system in desperate need of repair

A little of this, and a lot of that …

– Suddenly, the powers that be have decided that USC is just the 12th best team in the nation, rather than the third, which they decreed last week prior to the Trojans’ loss to unranked Washington. And still no one sees the folly in declaring the top teams in the country before they’ve even played a few games.

The first rankings of the season should not come until after every team has played a minimum of six games. Then, if the money-grubbing university presidents and conference commissioners still insist on using a convoluted computer system that includes polls as part of the criteria for choosing BCS teams — rather than a playoff — at least the paper tigers will have been weeded out and the rankings might mean something.

– Hang on a sec. The Raiders were outgained 409 yards to 166, and surrendered 25 first downs to the Chiefs while gaining just 11 of their own, in a 13-10 victory? And you thought the game had passed Al Davis by. Shame on you.

– Said Ohio State sophomore quarterback Terrelle Pryor, explaining the personalized “Vick” eye-black he sported during the Buckeyes’ season-opener against Navy: “Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everyone does — kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance.”

Everyone does? Everyone kills people and steals from others? I don’t know much, but I know this: If I’m ever accused of committing a felony, or God forbid, convicted of one, I want Terrelle Pryor on my jury.

– Can’t wait for this week’s explanation of the “OJ” on Pryor’s face during Saturday’s win over Toledo.

– Apparently getting tossed on match point at the US Open taught Serena Williams no lessons. Hours after bouncing back to win the women’s doubles title with her sister Venus, she was overheard at Famous Ray’s Pizza in Manhattan standing over an extra-large double cheese and cursing, “If I could, I would take this f—— pizza and ram it down my f—— throat, I would!” She was not ejected from the restaurant.

– Fox Sports’ Chris Myers, comparing linebacker Larry Foote’s move from the defending champion Steelers to the 0-16 Detroit Lions, said it would be like going from dating Beyoncé to dating Whoopi Goldberg. How dare he insult Whoopi in such a manner. Playing for the Lions is much more like dating RuPaul.

– Much-maligned South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson was wrong to shout “You lie!” at Barack Obama during the health care yarn the President spun on national television. Heckling the president in the chamber is a serious breach of decorum and should not be tolerated. Wilson should have loosened his belt and Mike Singletary’d him instead.

– In summary, this is what Michael Jordan wanted you to know when he delivered the most arrogant, self-serving, condescending Hall of Fame acceptance speech in the history of sports last week: “I was better than you … I am better than you … and I’ll always be better than you. Thank you, the pleasure was all yours.”

– Jordan’s speech gave us another reason to despise Kanye West: The miserable troll attended the Video Music Awards instead of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and took the microphone from the wrong person.

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