Draymond Green: Not here to play games

Several members of the Los Angeles Angels attended the Warriors’ practice on Tuesday in addition to media crowds rivaling that of the Super Bowl earlier this year.

It was a momentous meeting of two of the best players in their respective sports as Mike Trout handed Stephen Curry a custom Angels jersey.

The downside of granting access to baseball players? The ultra talented Trout beat Draymond Green in a game of PIG, joining Kevin Hart on the list of non-NBA players to beat the forward this year.

Green said afterward, “I can shoot in the game, but I ain’t good at shooting games,” according to The Vertical.

Making matters worse, Angels closer Joe Smith beat Curry in the game. Baseball players: The world’s greatest athletes.

An (allegedly) 6-foot-7 center

ESPN basketball writer Zach Lowe reported Monday that Draymond Green will be considered a center this year for All-NBA voting purposes.

The move represents a win for Green, who lobbied last week to be considered a center in a league that has shifted its view on the position.

“I don’t just play one position,” he said according to KNBR. “I spend a lot of time at the center position, a lot of key time, a lot of key moments. I think I should be allowed to be voted on as a center.”

Green is right: He’s changed the way teams view roster construction, and should be rewarded for it. Eat your heart out, Hassan Whiteside.

Jackson back to the bench?

Mark Jackson was contacted by New York Knicks president Phil Jackson recently about the team’s head coaching vacancy, according to SNY.

Before rejoining ESPN as a broadcaster, Jackson’s last job was with the Warriors. He was fired May 7, 2014, despite winning 51 games in the season prior.

Bringing the story full-circle: One week after firing Jackson, the Warriors hired Steve Kerr after he turned down Phil Jackson and the Knicks.

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