Chip Kelly: As entertaining as a hurry-up offense

The San Francisco 49ers play the Green Bay Packers at Levi’s Stadium on Friday, and the big news of the week ahead of the game was that Colin Kaepernick has been a full participant in practice.

Head coach Chip Kelly said on Wednesday that the QB has been “on track” to play in the exhibition, which would be his 2016 debut. But before he suits up, Kelly, his staff and vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson will meet on Friday morning so the coaches know “who’s up [and] who’s down.”

All signs are pointing toward Kaepernick playing, but don’t ask Kelly any hypotheticals, as one reporter learned during Wednesday’s news conference.

“This is my deal with hypotheticals because everybody wants to use them to some degree,” the first-year coach prefaced. “If we’re going to use hypotheticals, we should cancel the season because hypothetically we won the Super Bowl. Let’s just go all out with the hypothetical. Let’s just say we won the Super Bowl, so it’s over. And we did it without a quarterback in the hypothetical world that I live in. Wouldn’t it be cool? It doesn’t work that way. So, we’re a real literal, black and white deal. We’re going to sit down when we find out exactly who’s available. I would hope that based on what he’s done so far that he’s going to be available. If he’s available, he’s going to play.”

Giving credit where it’s due: Kelly’s consistently had fun with the constant questioning about Kaepernick’s status and at the least, he’s entertaining. That’s something the team should aspire to this season with its current roster.

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