Bulls receive extension to find new ownership

The San Francisco Bulls announced Thursday that the team received an extension from the ECHL to continue negotiations for a new ownership group, a process that has been stalled by the search for a new venue that would move the minor league hockey team out of the Cow Palace and out of San Francisco after less than two years of existence.

The statement from team CEO Angela Batinovich said the team “currently” does not plan to cancel any games this season. The length of the extension given by the ECHL to find new ownership was not immediately available.

Team president and coach Pat Curcio said earlier in the week that the team is losing money by staying at it’s current facility, though Cow Place manager Ken Alstott told The S.F. Examiner he questions the numbers released by the team, and that the added value included in the contract makes an impact.

“What he’s not telling you is that most areas, they wouldn’t have offices,” he said. “They wouldn’t have ice skating all the time. … They have office space here that they operate out of 24/7, 365 days a year and stuff that they don’t pay an additional dime for, it’s part of the contract, so a little misleading.”

Alstott said he questions the viability of a minor-league team in an expensive market such as San Francisco, especially with an NHL team just down the road with the Sharks in San Jose.

He did say he hopes the Bulls can make it, whether that’s at the Cow Palace or elsewhere, but that losing events and looking for new clients is “part of the business,” giving no indication that the Bulls leaving The City would have a large negative impact on the venue itself.

The Bulls’ next game is scheduled for Jan. 30 at the Cow Palace.

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