As Warriors prepare for All-Star Weekend, Draymond takes heed to lessons learned from last year

OAKLAND — Even as an eight-time All-Star who’s been involved in the weekend’s festivities in each of his 10 NBA seasons, Kevin Durant never gets tired of the chance to be a part of the league’s midseason exhibition.

Durant, who’s one of four Golden State Warriors gracing the Western Conference roster, had his initial All-Star experience long before he played for the first-year squad in the Rookie Challenge in 2008.

“It’s something that you dreamed about as a kid,” he said, recalling the 2001 exhibition at the MCI Center. “I remember when I was in seventh grade and the All-Star game was in [Washington] D.C. and me and my AAU teammates, we were catching the train — trying to catch three or four buses to get down there to the jam session.

“We didn’t make it but we tried all day to try and get down there and tried to see an NBA player,” Durant added. “So, I know how important that weekend is to the fans and also to the players.”

Draymond Green, who along with Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will be representing Golden State in New Orleans, is still something of an All-Star novice.

“It got me last year for sure,” the two-time All-Star said of his demanding, non-stop calendar. “This year, I’m just trying to keep my schedule as clean as possible with not much on there. The first time last year I did every appearance I could possibly do.”

Green said he was so busy hustling from event to event that he was changing clothes in the car, running through two to three outfits a day.

Green only made a 12-minute cameo in the West’s 196-173 win over the East, so it was his litany of off-the-court commitments that drained the defensive anchor.

“It was all the other stuff that everyone doesn’t know about — appearance here, appearance there, one hour here, 30 minutes there, hour-and-a-half there — my schedule was literally full every hour of every day,” Green said. “I was getting 15-minute naps in the car.”

The forward was so worn out from the weekend that he claimed he wasn’t ready to go when the second half of the season began.

“[I was] exhausted,” Green insisted.

“Go watch the games for the next week-and-a-half from last year after the All-Star break,” Green said. “It was bad.”

Green’s recollection of the post-All-Star period was slightly off. The Portland Trail Blazers waxed the Warriors 137-105 in the second-half opener, but Green nearly went for a triple double, dropping 14 points, 12 rebound and 8 assists. A night later, against the Los Angeles Clippers, Green did hit a triple double, tallying 18 points, 11 boards and 10 dimes.

Either way, he won’t make the same mistake of overcommitting himself this time around.

“So, fool me once,” Green said. “They won’t fool me twice.”

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