Andrew McCutchen rocks fan fest, aces his Giants’ debut

AT&T PARK — Sitting at center stage in between his new manager Bruce Bochy and his new teammate Austin Jackson, Andrew McCutchen wasted no time endearing himself to  San Francisco Giants supporters during fan fest on Saturday afternoon.

During the fan Q&A session, McCutchen was asked which opposing stadium he gets the most fired up to play in.

“Somebody I want to stick it to every time and I get fired up [to play] is the Dodgers,” the right fielder said.

The crowd ate it up, breaking into a “Beat LA” chant.

“I love giving it to them,” McCutchen piled on, as the crowd continued to roar.

Acquired from the Pittsburgh Pirates on Jan. 15, McCutchen was never formally introduced in a press conference at AT&T Park. His showing on the stage on Saturday made for an ideal debut. The former franchise cornerstone of the Pirates lit up the room — a giant white tent that covered the majority of center field. He flashed an ever-present smile, cracked jokes, played to the anti-Dodger sentiment and even beatboxed when a fan asked him what the best talent is that he’s bringing to the Giants.

Over on the mainstage at home plate, Larry Baer, the club CEO, detailed the events that precipitated McCutchen’s arrival.

“This offseason we’ve tried to put together a team that can win next year and that’s what we feel we owe the fans here,” Baer said, sitting alongside Joe Panik and Buster Posey.

“We went down [and] we spent five hours with Giancarlo Stanton in LA and he decided to go to the Yankees because he had a no-trade [clause],” Baer said.

The crowd responded with a loud boo.

“Thank you,” the CEO said, adding  Shohei Ohtani’s name to the list of missed offseason targets.

McCutchen, now set to play for just his second team in his 10th season, sounded thrilled with how the winter market worked out. He brings nothing but indelible — if stressful — memories of playing at the Giants’ home park.

“Very, very nerve wracking every time I came here,” McCutchen said. “And I was like, ‘Man, to be on the home side, that would be something.’ And to see the Giants do what they’ve done in my career see them win three World Series since I’ve been playing and just to see the crowd and the fans. Man, I’m just very excited.”

Excited. That’s the word.

“So, I’m — man — I’m overly excited to be on the winning side.”

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