All-City football team loaded with talented running backs

For many teams across the San Francisco high school football landscape, things didn’t always go as planned, but there was no lack of talented athletes in The City this season.

For The San Francisco Examiner and, selecting the best players by mixing the three West Catholic Athletic League teams with the eight Academic Athletic Association teams was hard enough. Then, throw in a plucky Stuart Hall squad playing in its first eight-man football season, and you have a full-on melee.

Still, we’ll take our top team in a matchup against any other city in the state.

One thing San Francisco teams have never been short on is quality running backs, and 2010 was no exception.
Our first-team selections are Galileo’s Quincy Nelson and Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Valentino Miles, but even St. Ignatius’ top two runners, Jacob Brisbane and Zac Shuller, made the first team at other positions, as did Washington’s Jeremy Jetton.

The logjam at running back took many victims, but did not diminish the performances of second-team members in Balboa’s Greg Warren and Mission’s Devonta Gaines, along with honorable-mention picks in Washington’s Galen Hall and Lajarie Mabrey.

Both Nelson and Miles only played in eight games this season due to injury, but what put them over the edge was their game-changing impact when they did play.

Nelson, who missed the end of the season with a knee injury, still led the AAA with 1,602 yards and finished second in touchdowns (21). He also had two 300-yard rushing performances, including one against AAA finalist Balboa.

Miles similarly finished second in the WCAL in rushing yardage (1,225) and third in TDs (16).

While city schools are known for dynamic backs, there were plenty of yards doled out through the air this season, and first-team quarterbacks Sean Murphy (Sacred Heart, 1,543 yards passing) and Kerati Apilakvanichakit (Balboa, 2,255 yards passing) both put up gaudy stats.

On the defensive side, Brisbane, Mission’s Amine Houri and Balboa’s Christian Pulusian head a stacked group of linebackers on the first team that pushed a lot of talent into the second-team and honorable-mention categories.

Stuart Hall even made some inroads into the honorable mentions with three selections, including dynamic junior LaBoyd Ricard, who started at quarterback, defensive back and returned punts and kicks for the Knights in their inaugural season.

While the player selections were tough, there was one obvious choice for Coach of the Year.

After a season in which the team folded after three games, first-year coach Joe Albano took over the Mission program and led it to an undefeated league season and its first regular-season title since 1977.

All-City football team


Sean Murphy, senior, SHC
Kerati Apilakvanichakit, senior, Balboa
Running backs
Quincy Nelson, senior, Galileo
Valentino Miles, junior, SHC
Dominic Truoccolo, senior, St. Ignatius
Wide receivers
A.J. Lewis, senior, Riordan
Rory O’Driscoll, senior, SHC
Tight ends
Nikolas Grass, senior, SHC
LeVander Moore, senior, Washington
Offensive line
Houston Ford, senior, St. Ignatius
Alfred Siniora, senior, St. Ignatius
Joseph Keightley, senior, SHC
Dan Stornaiuolo, senior, SHC
David Manumua, senior, Burton
Jacob Brisbane, senior, St. Ignatius
Amine Houri, senior, Mission
Christian Pulusian, senior, Balboa
Defensive line
Edgar Ulu, senior, Marshall
John Murphy, senior, St. Ignatius
E.J. Sliva, senior, St. Ignatius
David Pan, senior, Balboa
Defensive backs
Waynelle Buckner, senior, Galileo
Kyle Church, senior, SHC
Albert Waters, sophomore, St. Ignatius
Lazar Gubeladze, senior, Lincoln
Jeremy Jetton, senior, Washington
Zac Shuller, senior, St. Ignatius
Will McKee, junior, St. Ignatius

Coach of the Year: Joe Albano, Mission



Jonathan Lu, senior, Galileo
Marcus Blacksher, senior, Marshall
Running backs
Greg Warren, senior, Balboa
Devonta Gaines, senior, Mission
Joseph Satale, senior, Burton
Wide receivers
Alec Tatum, senior, Mission
Andres Arellano, senior, Balboa
Tight ends
Colin Luu, junior, Lincoln
Erik Wilson, senior, Galileo
Offensive line
Stephen Sabagquit, senior, Riordan
Chris Crowley, junior, St. Ignatius
Kevin Liu, senior, Washington
Drew Jackson, junior, Riordan
Anson Jiang, senior, Washington
Defensive line
Devon White, junior, Washington
Marcus Galang-Wilson, senior, Riordan
Mane Fale, sophomore, Mission
Harry Libarle, senior, SHC
Luis Sarabia, senior, Riordan
Xavier Russo, senior, St. Ignatius
Max Malloy, senior, Galileo
Defensive backs
Richard Allen, senior, Marshall
Will McKee, junior, St. Ignatius
Gary Moore, senior, SHC
William Kay, senior, Galileo
Zach Tapel, senior, SHC
Sean Kately, senior, Balboa
Adam Badi, junior, Washington


Aram Gevandian, senior, Washington
Ismael Orozco, junior, Riordan
Running backs
Galen Hall, senior, Washington
Lajarie Mabrey, junior, Washington
Young Ene, senior, Galileo
Wide receivers
Jeivon Parker, junior, SHC
Trejon Bolden, senior, Riordan
Tight ends
Edgardo Palacios, senior, Burton
Alex Asdourian, junior, Stuart Hall
Offensive line
Matthew Dabit, junior, Balboa
Jose Cestoni, senior, Lincoln
Jonathon Zhang, senior, Washington
Michael Theodorides, senior, Lowell
Joshua Kidd, senior, Washington
Defensive line
Lochlein Sekona, senior, Burton
Will Dillingham, senior, Stuart Hall
Darius Grays, junior, Mission
Douglas Snoddy, sophomore, Lincoln
Jordan Medina, senior, Riordan
Jaleel Stancil, senior, Mission
Algeron Malborough, senior, Mission
Defensive backs
Eric Sutton, senior, Balboa
Travis Price-Moku, senior, Mission
Wesley Choy, senior, Galileo
Chris Jackson, senior, Washington
LaBoyd Ricard, junior, Stuart Hall
Dumar Afalava, senior, Burton
Abraham Musalam, senior, Balboa

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