Airwaves: Fox hits a home run with World Series coverage

Wow, Fox Sports did a great, great job this past week on its presentation of the World Series. The camera action was sensational, the Series itself was very competitive and the fan interest was at an all-time high. David Hill, the bossman at Fox, knows how to televise a big event like no other. Like many people in the sporting world, I don’t think I missed a minute of action.

The following are random thoughts on the overall broadcast by the Fox team:

  • Joe Buck is boring and Tim McCarver is very, very good.
  • The camera angles and the horde of cameras allowed every detail of these games to come crystal clear into all of our living rooms.
  • What happened to the old days when players and managers used to bend and custom fit the bill of their baseball caps? I hate straight bills. Charlie Manuel looks like he has never worn a baseball hat before. Must be something to do with a contract with the hat supplier.
  • As said before, I like White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen on the pregame show. He has too much styling gel in his hair and his seat was too low in relation to the others on the set, but he adds energy and a fresh voice. Not in love with Chris Rose’s wise-guy approach on the air.
  • The ratings have been a grand slam home run for Fox.
  • I love the fact these teams did not have to board an airplane for any games.
  • Major League Baseball has got to be delighted with the interest level baseball has created at the end of this way too long season.
  • Derek Jeter is the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning of MLB. All great players, but even greater role models and character athletes. Throw Tiger into that group and it might be the best lineup in the history of sports.
  • If this Series is any indication of the future, the Phils and Yanks will play again next year.
  • How fitting for the Series to end in the greatest place on Earth, Yankee Stadium?
  • I think Cliff Lee is as good a pitcher as the monster on the mound, CC Sabathia, from Vallejo.
  • Although I am a huge Yankees and baseball fan, I am glad the season is finally over. As stated here before, way, way too long!
  • And lastly with a smile on my face, I repeat the phrase from the great Yankee radio announcer John Sterling: “The Yankees win, the Yankees win.”


Brees off to an MVP-like start to year

Jumping from here to there on the NFL airwaves:

  • “Drew Brees is my MVP right now,” said well-respected NBC analyst Tony Dungy. Hard to argue that point, Brees and the New Orleans Saints are having a lights-out year.
  • On NBC’s “Sunday Night in America” show, I do not like the look when Dungy, partner Rodney Harrison and host Dan Patrick leave their desk setting and stand while talking. It is uncomfortable and looks weird. Stay seated so you don’t move around so much.
  • CBS’ information man, Charlie Casserly, needs to ditch the black dye job on his hair. It is distracting and I never remember what he says because I am always thinking, what a bad dye job!
  • Lovely and talented ESPN reporter Colleen Dominguez did a ton of research and presented it very well on her in-depth reporting of the alleged anger issues Raiders boob, excuse me, head coach Tom Cable, has. If true, these allegations will be difficult to recover from for Cable.
  • This week, the NFL Network will begin its Thursday night package with the Chicago Bears visiting the ’Stick to take on the 49ers. Matt Millen is back where he belongs, in the booth at an NFL game. Millen will be the analyst while N.Y. Giants radio man Bob Papa will call the action. Not sure I love Thursday night NFL football.
  • Nice job by the Oregon Ducks in their decisive win a week ago against my beloved USC Trojans. It has been a long time since I have seen the Men of Troy get whipped that badly. Give the credit to the Ducks (I hate that nickname) and their first-year bossman Chip Kelly. They are a dynamic offensive team that is very hard to beat in Eugene, Ore.


On Target

The Academy Awards will be hosted March by two giants in the acting world, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. This is Martin’s third time and the first for the original Jack Ryan. Good move by the Academy, because both are funny dudes and will do an excellent job of playing off each other. Talk about a pressure gig.


Who said it

Tom Cable
“I’m coaching the Raiders and my future is to be the coach of the Raiders,” the beleaguered Raiders coach said. By the way big boy, that is not your call. The guy in the Raiders sweats will decide your future, not you. Some friendly advice, don’t get too comfy in your office, your lease is up and will not be renewed in eight weeks.

Larry Bowa
“I have been told the Phillies are stealing the Yankees’ signs,”  the Dodgers third base coach and former Phillies manager said. Duh! Isn’t that part of baseball? Doesn’t everyone do that? Gee Larry, any other brilliant observations to make?


One to watch

The Fox NFL Sunday pregame show, featuring Terry Bradshaw, will go on the air at 8 a.m. today instead of the usual 9 a.m. time. Fox is putting on a special two-hour edition of the very popular show coming from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. This will be a very emotional, feel-good show, as I am sure many, many, of our brave servicemen and troops will make contributions. Good stuff!

Artie Gigantino spent 25 years as a coach at the major-college and NFL levels, was lead college football analyst for Fox Sports Net for seven years, was with CBS for one year and was an executive with the Raiders for three years. E-mail him at

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