49ers want to hire Kiffin? Definitely not a classy move

Wade Payne/2014 AP file photoAlabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin

Wade Payne/2014 AP file photoAlabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin

By now, you should be doing it yourself. Some of you already do. I've got tweets to prove it.

Everything in life can be labeled one of two ways.

To wit: D'Angelo's first album in 14 years is Good for Ball. The man can flat blow, and that he's beaten back some of the same demons that have wholly consumed the careers of equally transcendent talents — Whitney Houston comes to mind — makes it all the more triumphant.

Speaking of Ms. Houston, the latest attempt to illuminate the life of our generation's most self-destructive diva — Amy Winehouse doesn't technically qualify because she was so damn cool — is about as unfair and imbalanced as Fox News, told mostly from Bobby Brown's own chemically addled perspective. Straight trash. Bad for Ball.

Got it now? Sweet. Good for Ball or Bad for Ball. Simple. Now let's apply it to the recent local sports scene.

n Were this topic a horse, it wouldn't just be beaten to death. It'd be glue. But the man brought it all upon himself with the instantly infamous “winning with class” comment during the news conference that brought the Jim Harbaugh era of 49ers football to an end. It's the gift that keeps giving.

The Niners are expected to add Lane Kiffin to their staff any day now. That's your move toward winning with class? It's like Jed York WANTS to be mocked. In that case, no sense disappointing the man. Bad for Ball.

n Harbaugh never seemed like the passive-aggressive type when it comes to communication. If anything, he's alpha-aggressive. So it was a puzzling that he went the P-A route with his Wednesday tweet congratulating the Chicago Bears, Raiders and Buffalo Bills for making great head-man choices as well as lauding the hires of discarded (and just plain dissed) former Niners assistants Vic Fangio, Greg Roman and Brad Seely.

It wasn't really directed at the Bears, Raiders, Bills or any other team not controlled by York the Boy Jester. It was a not-subtle-at-all attempt at a subtle jab. And that it was P-A tells us that Set-Jaw Jim is getting some help with his Twitter account from someone to soften the hard edges. Had Harbaugh himself been solely at the controls, the message would have been as short as most of his answers after a loss.

Something like this: “Jed's a Jackass.” Good for Ball.

n Note the capital J in “Jackass.” Whoever's been tasked with assisting Harbaugh with tweets struggles with the whole upper-case, lower-case thing. “Great Coaches and men …,” “In The 'H' with …,” “Happy to Team up with …” are just a few recent examples. Nothing like Returning to the world of Higher education, eh? Bad for Ball.

n New Giants outfield Nori Aoki said he wants to rassle MadBum. Gets you thinking, doesn't it? Except let's go octagon. Who would you like to see go at it among local luminaries? Here are a few to get the creative juices flowing: Billy Beane vs. Josh Donaldson (or “Sabey Sabes”). Mark Jackson vs. Joe Lacob AND Peter Gruber. Damon Bruce vs. Lowell Cohn. That's the undercard. The main event? Jim Tomsula vs. the entire family of woods-fouling Charmin Bears. What an image. Good for Ball!

n Good luck finding anyone who had a bad thing to say about Tomsula before his nightmare of an introduction. With that in mind, can everyone please cut him some slack? The failure was on the clowns by which he was flanked for not adequately preparing him. Destroying the poor guy in the immediate aftermath of what should have been the highlight of his professional life is just plain mean. Who gives a crap about how he handles an interview with Jim Kozimor (who I love, by the way)? Bad for Ball.

n And finally, the Warriors. Steve Kerr sitting Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut against the Oklahoma City Thunder last week led to a blowout loss on national TV, and nobody in their right mind dared criticize the move. That's how good they've got it right now.

Tweet it out, Set-Jaw: “Who's Got it better Than the Dubs right Now: NoooooBody!” Good for Ball.

Mychael Urban has been covering Bay Area sports for 25 years and has worked for MLB.com, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and KNBR (680 AM).

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