The How-to Guide to Throwing the Bachelorette Pool Party of the Year

Out of all of the bachelorette party themes to choose from, a pool party is sure to make a splash. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to dance around in a bikini and sip tropical drinks with their BFFs under the lush shade of a cabana and palm trees? 

If you’re looking to throw the party of the year and need some xo, Fetti approved bachelorette pool party ideas, read on. We’re dedicated to making sure your bach weekend is all that and way more. 

Make Sure You Have All of the Best Decorations

xo, Fetti’s #1 rule when throwing the sickest bachelorette party of the wedding season; go absolutely wild with your bachelorette party decorations. There’s nothing that sets a party vibe like 90s nostalgic metallic foil curtains, huge girly pool floaties, sparkly temporary tattoos, and unique disco ball balloon sets. 

So go ahead and stock up, set up, and watch your dream bachelorette party make waves.

Keep the Snacks and Drinks Flowing

What’s a party without the yummiest snacks and cutest signature drinks? No matter what cocktail recipe or bottles of wine you decide on, it’s proven that everything tastes better in bachelorette-themed cups or with a fun bachelorette penis straw

Going for a spiked seltzer instead? Throw a couple of bach-themed huggies over the top to keep them icy cold while also repping your bride tribe.

Put On a Playlist That Gets People Dancing

Destiny’s Child? Miley Cyrus? Doja Cat? There are some artists that are just essential to the vibe. Whether your pool party is down south in Nashville or near the beach in Miami, xo, Fetti has a playlist to match. 

Check our “Now That’s What I Call Bachelorette Party!” mix for a little bit of everything.

Decide on a Theme

Serious question – who doesn’t love a theme? If you’re looking for ways to step up your bachelorette pool party, choose a theme that everyone will want to indulge in.

Need some ideas? Some of our personal favs right now are “space cowgirls”, “dress like your favorite era of Britney Spears”, and “the last disco”!

Set Up Some Activities

Sure, drinking, eating, swimming, and dancing are probably (definitely) enough to keep you and your girls busy for hours on end, but sometimes throwing a few activities into the mix can be a great way to spice up the weekend. 

Set up a floating beer pong table in the pool or get your girls together for a friendly game of water volleyball to keep the energy level up all darty long.

Make Sure You Snap All the Pics

You know what they say, a picture says a thousand words. Let your photos say a million words by setting up designated photo booth areas equipped with bachelorette-themed props, foil curtains, and metallic balloons. You went out of your way to make sure she has a Bride to Be sash on so make sure you get tons of pics with it! 

Set up your iPhone on a tripod or have a bunch of disposable cameras on hand at each location so that you can fill multiple photo albums with memories of the best weekend ever. 

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