10 Best Free Email Lookup & Search Tools


Emails are one of the most important virtual addresses of an individual. One needs to add their emails to all government, social and even shopping sites that one intends to visit. Emails can, infact, turn out to be more comprehensive in use than even phone numbers.

The extensive usage of emails has led to the rise of reverse email lookup tools. You can use email lookup for personal and professional purposes. For instance, whenever you doubt the authenticity of a person, just use a free reverse email lookup and you will know whether to invest your time and effort or not.

We have listed the top 4 email lookup tools below:

PeopleFastFind– The best and most reliable email lookup

FindPeopleFirst– Free reverse email lookup services

FindPeopleEasy– Easy to use and simple reverse email search

RealPeopleFinder– Email address Lookup platform

Let’s discuss these, and more email look up service options that we currently have.

Part 1: What Can I Get From Email Lookup?

Reverse email search can tell you a lot about a person and the varied aspects of their lives. As the emails are linked with almost every minor and major site, registration, State source, you can indeed know everything about a person. Below are some major details you can ascertain when you look up email address:

1.   Details of the Owner

You can know the details of the owner of the email ID. Sometimes, the emails are very generic in nature, and it is hard to identify who the owner of the email is. There are a lot of job related frauds happening around the world. This has also led to increasing usage of reverse email lookups, wherein the originator of the email can be identified.

2.   Social Profile Outlook

No social profile of an individual can exist if it is not backed by the email. It, therefore, becomes easier to find the social profiles of the individuals linked through the email ID. When you use an email lookup tool, all social profiles existing with that ID will be on your screen.

3.   Data Compromised

When you use reliable email address search, every relevant data pertaining to someone’s email ID can be viewed. You can see the records, social and state, in a jiffy. You can extract information immediately, without having to make any call to any department.

4.   Activities Across the Web

Email IDs are linked to every web portal. In order to give a more customized look and ease, email IDs are even linked to video sites, shopping sites. It is additionally advantageous if you are seeking to know more information about these people.

5.   Other Significant Details

Any and every other information that is essential for you to know and act upon can be found through free email lookup. Someone’s professional details, marriage information, divorce records to properties owned, you can find all this and more, just through email ID.

Part 2: Top 10 Reverse Email Lookup Options

Now that we know what all you can know through email lookup sites, let’s find out the best email lookup free of charge. Below are the options and alternatives you definitely need to know about with respect to reverse lookup:

2.1 PeopleFastFind

The site to top the leaderboard with respect to email lookup alternatives is PeopleFastFind. It is an immensely trustworthy and popular people search service that offers email address lookup instantaneously.

The usage of PeopleFindFast has increased overtime. A lot of sham email IDs are created and used to deceit, cheat and even hide information. The benefit of using PeopleFindFast is that it has sources from all Government based organizations. Hence, every information that you get here, will be reliable.

The steps of finding someone on PeopleFastFind are rather very simplistic. All you need to do is to follow a simple line of steps:

Step 1: As the first and foremost step to reverse email lookup, you need to visit the site of PeopleFastFind.

Step 2: You proceed by selecting “Email Lookup” on the PeopleFastFind search box. You will then be required to enter a valid email address that you want to search. Click on search once the email is entered.

Step 3: Once the search is completed, you will be able to see comprehensive information about the people. The information will give you access to the owner’s contact details, personal information, internet footprint, social media profiles, and shared multimedia.

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What makes PeopleFindFast more convenient and promising than other reverse email lookup tools? Well, the below-mentioned points rightly highlight how this platform continues to retain its supremacy when it comes to knowing who emailed you:

  1. Quick Response time

The response time, i.e. the time frame in which the search results are generated is very important. Most online platforms take a lot of time in churning the results out of their vast databases. PeopleFindFast is very prompt and very quick. The results are as immediate as your input.

  1. Simplistic Procedure

You do not need to go through a bunch of registrations or buy a subscription to use the reverse email lookup services of PeopleFindFast. It is rather straightforward in its procedures. You just head to the site, type the email ID out and just wait for the details.

  1. More Than Email Lookup Platform

Yes, PeopleFindFast is an email lookup platform. No, it is not just a reverse email lookup platform. Whatever information you have of a person, i.e. the name, the email, the address search, the phone number, it can be used to find information about them.

The other popular kind of lookup services on this platform are reverse phone lookup, name lookup, address lookup. While, the more information you have the better it is, but you can even extract concrete information with lesser data on PeopleFindFast.

  1. Background Check

PeopleFindFast is also being effectively used as a platform to check backgrounds of people. It has become very easy to fake documentation, fake certifications, employment, etc. Hence, it is important to make sure that you have a trustworthy source to check the veracity of information received.

Therefore, you can check someone’s past, present, criminal offenses, relationship status, friend circle, etc. Everything you should know about a person, you would, by virtue of PeopleFindFast.

  1. Free Platform

You do not need to engage in subscription purchases or membership to look up email addresses. PeopleFindFast is a free email lookup platform. It is easy to use, without any monetary commitments.

2.2 FindPeopleFirst

If there was a simplistic way to check extensive details about someone, it is through FindPeopleFirst. Whatever information you have about a person, be it first name, last name, phone number, email ID, you will be able to extract relevant information from this platform.

A lot of people from around the world have protected their interests by checking up on the people they have been virtually interacting with. When you receive too many spam emails or emails from strangers, you can check for the veracity of information or claims. You will get detailed information about someone’s real identity.

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2.3 FindPeopleEasy

FindPeopleEasy is one of the most effortlessly easy tools to search people online. It is very simple and very good in its result generation. The time it takes in running an email through the plethora of data is surprisingly quick.

Regardless of the speed in which this platform generates results, they are accurate. You can get a comprehensive picture of someone’s life just by entering their email ID. The usage of FindPeopleEasy is very easy. You just head to the email bar and type the email. The tool will produce all relevant records in a jiffy.

2.4 RealPeopleFinder

In a virtual world or through a virtual platform, it is important to know who is real after all. As compared to a Google search, you could possibly find many people with same names or similar emails, RealPeopleFinder only shows you one accurate record.

There is no ambiguity in usage of this platform. You can one information in a cohesive manner, from all relevant platforms. The information is likely to range from personal, criminal to professional. So instead of wasting time trying to browse through multiple profiles, just enter the email here, and you will get the most reliable email reverse lookup.

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2.5 InstantCheckMate

InstantCheckMate has been around for a while. It has a lot of fan following because of its results, which are discreet and accurate. When using CheckMate, you just need to follow a 3 step procedure of typing an email and running the reverse search. The results following the details would be very extensive. 

As the name of the site suggests, the results are instant. You can get a detailed overview of someone’s life and ensure that it is safe to trust them. Online frauds have increased overtime and with sites like these, you can instantly put a name and face on just bare-minimum information.

2.6 TruePersonFinder

TruePersonFinder saves your time as it brings forward the most convenient ways to run a reverse email lookup. The accuracy of the results and comprehensiveness ensures that you will know the name and details behind every spam or email that you want to know about.

Sometimes, even with the same name, we find so many search results, the real identity is hard to decipher. That’s where TruePersonFinder very conveniently gives only the needed information. You see one name, details behind every phone number.

2.7 GreatPeopleSearch

GreatPeopleSearch has established itself as another great alternative for engaging in reverse search related to name, email, phone number, etc. Its database is conclusive enough to include all aspects of an individual’s life.

This is also a very trusting reverse email lookup platform. In a rather neat and hassle-free way, you can just head to your desired tab, type the information at hand and wait for the results. In only a few moments, you will possess concrete information about an individual.

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2.8 EasySearchPeople

You can search people very easily through EasySearchPeople. It has a very extensive database of state and social profiles. The linkages with all the record keepers makes sure that the information can be extracted immediately and efficiently.

It is very convenient to search people on the platform. The sheer interface of EasySearchPeople is designed to make reverse email lookup very ‘easy’. You will just know where to click and what information to seek.

2.9 BestPeopleFinder

BestPeopleFinder is also evolving as a very dependable way to reverse email search. The search process is very simplistic, and the results derived are very comprehensive in nature. It allows you to get the information sought in a very convenient manner.

Its customer base has increased overtime as the results have grown more reliable overtime. The website is very simplistic and also self-sufficient. The reverse look up tabs of email, phone number lookup and other information are conveniently placed. Thus, information is extracted rather quickly here.

2.10 FindPeopleFaster

FindPeopleFaster allows you to find people accurately and faster. As compared to seeking out information on various channels, you get precise and concrete information here. You will not need to run around seeking information about someone.

If you are looking for instant information and cannot wait, FindPeopleFaster will be of great assistance. People around the world are actively using platforms like these now. With a lot of trust and added advantages, this platform enjoys wide usage.


All of the above reverse search tools are very active and prompt in getting the information sought. The increasing instances of identity thefts, misrepresentation, false claims, etc. on a personal and professional front can be really misleading. Hence, to protect your own interests, a little background check does not hurt.

You do not need to have a complete background check or ask a person for references. If you have the details of someone’s email, you can use it to extract email reverse lookup from any of the above tools. The reverse email lookup can equip you with information about someone’s past and present.

Instead of chasing offices for extracting information, you can get all the information you need, immediately. You do not waste your time chasing dead ends when it comes to information. As quickly as you enter the email, you will be able to just extract all associated social and state records of that email. Try it to believe how simplistic it is.

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