University of Virginia vigil

A candlelight vigil is held at the University of Virginia after a shooting left three students dead in Charlottesville, Va., on Monday. 

By bitter coincidence, I spent the first couple of hours of Monday morning rewatching the 1991 film “Boyz n the Hood,” which follows a group of young Black friends in South Central L.A. from childhood to the brink of adulthood. Later that day, we’d be discussing it in my Black film class. Made at the height of an era when young Black men were being referred to as an “endangered species” because so many of them were shooting and killing each other, the Academy Award-nominated movie opens with the sounds of a gun fight and two sobering title cards on a black screen:

“One out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime.” This is followed by: “Most will die at the hands of another Black male.”

I left the Museum of the African Diaspora’s new exhibition “The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion” brimming with images and ideas, reveling in the myriad visions of true and fantastic Black beauty — and starving for lunch.

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Teresa Moore is The Examiner’s race and equity columnist. 

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