Teen Girls Bullying and Teasing

The litigation experience is challenging for children, so it should be seen as an option only when the financial recovery is significant and can help them in their future.

I want to understand why attorneys are not interested in my daughter’s case. Fellow students physically bullied my daughter for years in middle school. When it started happening, I thought the best approach was to let the kids work it out amongst themselves. When it poured into her second year in middle school, I talked to her teachers about it, and they all indicated they didn’t see anything happening in their classrooms. By her last year in middle school, it got really bad. She withdrew from us at home and was very anxious, and I believe she was receiving threats on social media. She wouldn’t talk much about it, and I think the teachers telling us that they didn’t see it happening made her feel like maybe it was not occurring. My family and I decided to move school districts so she could start fresh at a high school without bullies. She has been doing much better at her new school this year and will be a sophomore next year. As she has gotten some distance from what happened, she has told me more details of what occurred for three years in middle school.

My daughter told me that three girls, whom she refused to name, would follow her in the hallways at school weekly and push and shove her while laughing at her. The girls would make fun of her clothing and hair (my daughter is half African American and half white in a predominately white school). They would also find her during lunch and get people to join them in making fun of her. She also received texts and calls from various numbers she didn’t know. My daughter didn’t save these horrible, mean texts, and we have no way to prove this happened. Is it too late to sue for what happened three years ago? Attorneys told us we missed a deadline in the law and refused to take the case.

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