Nugenix GH Boost Reviews: Does this HGH booster work?

Nugenix GH Boost Reviews: Does this HGH booster work?

Nugenix GH Boost is a natural growth hormone support supplement formulated with a combination of 8 major ingredients that theoretically helps you sleep better and produce more growth hormone. The product comes in powder as well as sticks form, the latter being a relatively new format to deliver growth hormone boosting ingredients.

Currently, based on its ingredients (which are only amino acids, one dopamine enhancer & one anti-somatostatin compound Alpha -GPC), we would rate and list Nugenix GH Boost HGH supplement as among top 10 of comprehensive list of HGH products. However, there seem to be better products out there.

For anti-aging, Genf20 Plus seems to be leading the race and for bodybuilding, HyperGH 14x is recommended, mainly because, both these products’ ingredients profile, reputation, user reviews etc. are better than most products in the market.


GH-Boost is focused on growth hormones, which affect various body functions, including muscle growth, energy, body composition, and more. Apart from the official website, GH Boost can also be bought from ecommerce stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBAY, GNC etc.

The product description claims the formula is made with “clinically validated ingredients to safely boost your GH (growth hormone) levels by over 100% in just 90 minutes.

There are usually multiple flavors with drink supplements, but with Nugenix GH Boost, there is only one flavor – Tea-Berry Blast.

Most people encounter a downfall in growth hormone when they hit their 40s, leading to a reduction in stamina and a slow weakening of muscle tone. Supplements like Nugenix GH-Boost position themselves as a solution for those people to help offset these aging signs.

Since sleep is a crucial factor to growth hormone production, they contain ingredients like GABA to enhance deep sleep. Approximately 70% of your growth hormone is manufactured in slow-wave sleep. Even so, that production decreases by 200% to 300% between the ages of 30 and 40 leading to muscle loss and other aging signs.

Nugenix GH-Boost comes from the makers of the Nugenix male vitality line, which also offers male wellness products like Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone booster, Estrogen regulator, Vitality Booster which got featured in Westword’s list of over the counter male enhancement supplements.

GH Boost Ingredients


3000mg (One of the most powerful amino acids to enhance growth hormone levels naturally alongside L-arginine is Gamma aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA).

This substance has been shown to be effective in boosting growth hormone levels by inducing deep sleep. Several bodybuilders vouch for it for its workout recovery and muscle building benefits although it could use more clinical evidence to support its effects on muscle growth.

The results from a study suggest that pharmacological doses of GABA impact growth hormone release in men.

A second research indicates that taking GABA can boost HGH level by up to 400% at rest and 200% following exercise.

L-Glutamine – 2000mg

This amino acid is believed to preserve immunity, digestion, muscle and help with fatigue. Glutamine and HGH have been viewed as substances that work in synergy for some time, though glutamine’s part in enhancing HGH has been challenging to prove.

In one study, in less than 90 minutes, 2g of glutamine raised HGH levels in 8 of 9 subjects, though further evidence supporting this action is lacking.

L-Lysine – 1500mg

Some clinical research suggests that the use of L-lysine together with other amino acids can boost your HGH levels. Like L-glutamine, this one is also an amino acid and most often found in certain food items.

L-Arginine – 1500mg

Another amino acid most often present in most HGH supplements in the market. Several clinical studies link it with growth hormone, like this one.

L-Ornithine – 400mg

It is an amino acid naturally produced in the body, but it may also be manufactured in a laboratory. People make use of it for various health benefits like enhancing athletic efficiency, losing fat, wound healing, and increasing sleep quality.

Glycine – 100mg

As opposed to the other amino acids, this one has diverse clinical tests demonstrating the fact that taking at least 3000 mg of Glycine can improve sleep quality. Although the dose in the Nugenix GH boost is very low, about 100 mg of Glycine.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract – 50mg

Mucuna pruriens, also known as cowhage or the cow-itch plant, is a bean-like plant and its extracts have been known to increase cognitive functions. Used to treat Parkinson’s disease, extracts contain l-dopa amino acid. Typically used to increase dopamine levels, cowhage is provided in conjunction with special chemicals to prevent loss before it reaches the brain. Higher dopamine levels are linked to HGH.

A-GPC – 25mg

Alpha GPC works via two mechanisms – Blocking somatostatin enzyme, just like Phosphatidyl Choline and by enhancing Dopamine levels that in turn enhance growth hormone.

GH-Boost Pros & Cons


  • Comes from a reputed company
  • Several Positive user reviews
  • The ingredients and their dosage are clearly shown on the label.
  • A safe formulation that doesn’t contain any dangerous or harmful hormone or other banned chemical
  • It may help enhance your HGH production and optimize endocrine balance.


  • Expansive
  • Doesn’t contain ingredients like deer antler, colostrum etc.
  • Doesn’t contain ingredient to regulate insulin levels like chromium. Chromium functions by assisting the hormone insulin in its functions of controlling blood glucose levels. This decreases the body’s need for “insulin” and in general, lower insulin levels imply higher HGH levels.

Nugenix GH Boost Alternatives

There are many growth hormone supplements on the market, and almost all claim to improve your quality of life and improve your stamina, skin tone, and muscle mass. However, not all are worth investing your time & money into.

Ingredients-wise, Nugenix GH product is very similar to MHP Secretagogue-Gold HGH which is also a very good HGH product.You can compare the price of both these products, although MHP Secretagogue-Gold HGH provides better value for money.

Another very similar & popular anti-aging supplement based on growth-hormone is Serovital.

If you are looking for best Alpha GPC, Colostrum, Chromium and deer antler velvet based HGH supplements, we recommend you check out HyperGH 14X (for bodybuilding) and Genf20 Plus (for anti-aging).

Nugenix GH Boost User Reviews

The comments from customers & user reviews on this product are not that bad, the supplement has got a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, with total reviews at 700+ at the time of this writing.

Positive Nugenix GH Boost Reviews

  • · For some people, it works great as promoted.
  • · While for other folks, the product helps them enhance their sleep quality and stamina.
  • · Some individuals were satisfied with the results but were not too satisfied with too many flavors and artificial sweeteners.

Review: I’m a 38 year old man, that’s been using this for about 3 months now. I haven’t felt as energetic and motivated, in probably 10 years. I won’t begin to try and understand why, but it’s literally changed everything about my behavior, and physique. I’ve lost 28lbs, and have gained noticeable muscle mass, without doing anything beyond drinking this (on an empty stomach) before I go to bed. I drink it slowly, over about an hour. I’ve seen other reviews talking about a head rush, or tingling extremities. That may be a side effect of drinking it too quickly.

Review: I’ve been tracking my sleep via my Fitbit for the last 6 years or longer so I have a great case study on that. My snoring is down and my sleep is much better in the last 2 weeks I’ve been on this product. Better sleep means healthier body. So that in itself is a selling point. I also lost 1lb per week. Nothing different going on but more sleep so my body is functioning better. The taste isn’t great. It tells you to sip the product….the reason is otherwise the niacin can make you uncomfortable as it enters your body. If you get bad flushing from niacin you definitely will want to sip not guzzle this. I am one of those people and learned the hard way. I was laying in bed and my elbows, ears and then arms and legs were on fire. It goes away as I’m falling asleep and when I sip it I barely tingle at all. Over all this has shown great promise in that I sleep more soundly, less snoring, my dreams are off the hook crazy and I remember them the next morning. I’m losing weight…4lbs a month is 48lbs in a year. Better than any fat burners on the market today. With no change in diet or lifestyle? And I obviously feel better all day as a result. Definitely worth a shot. You know you’ve paid more, for less over the years. I’m back to get my second box now. So much better than the other GH boosters out there. I’ve tried them all over the last 10 plus years. This has been my best bang for the buck.

Negative Nugenix GH Boost Reviews

  • · Some individuals think it didn’t help improve their condition.
  • · Some people were bothered with tingling and crawling it came with.
  • · For some consumers, it caused negative side effects like exhaustion, Trouble breathing, and high heart rate.
  • · Some consumers were not happy with the price tag on GH Boost.

Review: I took this product only 1 time. The next morning, I did have extra energy and breezed through my morning exercises like nothing. However, I waited until my breathing was normal, like I always do prior to taking my blood pressure. Usually my pressure is 130 over 86/87/88. After taking that supplement, my pressure was 160 over 110. As a much older fellow 70+, this would put me in the grave before I could take full advantage of any benefits. Returned ASAP.

Review: I actually like the serovital version of this product better, just take the capsules, good delivery, but does it work? Can’t tell, I’m already old, I have been through serovital and the other product reviewed here and still look like the classic old Mil. Veteran.

GH-Boost Side Effects

Some ingredients in GH-Boost have reported side effects:

L-arginine may cause nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and low blood pressure. Doses at 3.6 g/kg body-weight/day are safe in rats.

L-glutamine can trigger constipation, cough, head pain, extreme abdominal pain, nausea.

L-lysine may cause abdomen pain and diarrhea.

Glycine may cause soft stool, nausea, vomiting and abdominal distress. Glycine is usually safe, even at amounts greater than 60g/day only being linked to intestinal issues.

Pricing & Returns policy

One box of Nugenix GH-Boost is priced at $79.99 on the manufacturer’s website and GNC.

If bought straight from the company, you can make a return provided that you haven’t opened the supplements box. Otherwise you won’t get a refund.

Bottomline on GH-Boost

Overall, Nugenix GH Boost is an excellent anti-aging supplement and growth hormone enhancer (secretagogue). For various other hgh supplements forms, like pills, sprays, gels, homeopathic products and so on, you might want to read this guide on selecting best HGH products for anti-aging & bodybuilding.

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