Worst ideas of the week: October 11, 2009

Rotting meat overwhelms small town, a teen used as designated driver, pirates mistakenly attack Navy, an Irish school asks students to BYOTP, and Michael Vick gets more stage time.


1. Rotten idea

Forty-four tons of meat left to rot in South Dakota town

The details: The owner of a South Dakota meat company decided to move the business to Minnesota, without taking 44 tons of bison meat along with him. Ilan Parente of Bridgewater Quality Meats left the meat in the warehouse in January 2008, which stayed cold until the power was cut in December. By June the entire town could smell the rotting meat. Now Parente is facing a lawsuit claiming he owes more than $11,000 in clean-up costs and $14,000 in property taxes. According to the lawsuit, he could also face civil penalties of up to $7 million if convicted of dumping too much blood and animal parts down the drain.


2. Wrong target

Police shoot -homeowner instead of intruder

The details: A Phoenix man is suing the city after a police officer mistakenly shot him instead of an intruder in his home. Phoenix police shot Tony Arambula six times before they realized they had the wrong man. Even after realizing their mistake, Arambula claims police dragged him out of the house and put him on the hood of a police car. The lawsuit alleges several officers conspired to cover up the error, unaware 911 was still recording his emergency call. Arambula is suing for at least $5.75 million.


3. Too drunk

Couple uses 13-year-old as -designated driver

The details: A Marin County couple face charges after they allegedly asked the woman’s 13-year-old son to drive because they were both too intoxicated. Both parties have multiple drunken driving arrests. The boy’s mother has been charged with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, both misdemeanors.


4. Box seat

Alabama woman lets child ride in box on top of car

The details: An Alabama woman was arrested and charged last Sunday after her minivan was reportedly spotted on a state highway with a girl riding on top. The woman told police the box, which was held to the vehicle with a clothes hanger, was too large to fit inside the van, and her 13-year-old daughter was riding in it to hold it down. The girl was not harmed.


5. Making a point

BET founder mimicks the stutter of Democratic candidate for Virginia

The details: The billionaire co-founder of Black Entertainment Television is in hot water after she mimicked the stutter of Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia. A YouTube video shows Shiela Johnson talking about Deeds’ inability to communicate, using the stutter to highlight her point. Later, Johnson apologized for mocking the stutter, but said she was just trying to make her point.


6. Arrrrrgh!

Somali pirates attack a French Navy ship by accident Tuesday night

The details: The Somali pirates are looking less savvy these days. The crew mistakenly attacked a French Navy ship, thinking it was a cargo vessel. The pirates quickly realized their mistake and tried to run, but the Navy ship intercepted one pirate ship. The pirates attacked the ship at night, and without any high-tech equipment to tell them what kind of vessel they were approaching.


7. Tiger trouble

Man breaks in to Calgary Zoo and gets mauled by tiger

The details: There is a reason tigers are kept in cages. Two men, both 27, scaled a wall at the Calgary Zoo around 1 a.m., even though the wall was topped with barbed wire. Later, one of the men climbed the safety fence around the Siberian tiger exhibit. He approached the inner fence when a 2-year-old tiger hooked the man with his claw and pulled his arm through the fence. The zoo is considering pressing charges of breaking and entering.


8. Well-meant fiasco

Supervisors get ready to pass another illegal and unenforceable law

The details: The Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee voted 2-1 Monday to send legislation watering down The City’s sanctuary policy to the full board with recommendation for approval at the Oct. 20 vote. Supervisor David Campos’ bill would prohibit local law enforcement from reporting to federal immigration authorities any illegal-immigrant teens arrested for felonies, unless the youths are actually convicted. Unfortunately, this violates federal laws so blatantly that continued existence of the entire sanctuary law might be jeopardized.


9. IV danger

Nurse reuses equipment, exposes patients to -disease risk

The details: A nurse at a Ft. Lauderdale hospital has resigned after allegedly saying that she had reused disposable IV equipment on multiple patients, possibly exposing more than 1,800 people to diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. Police are investigating to determine whether a crime was committed. The nurse reportedly did not give a reason for the reuse of equipment.


10. Scary skinny

Image of ultra-thin Ralph Lauren model sparks outrage

The details: An advertisement for Ralph Lauren containing an emaciated model has caused an uproar in the blogosphere. The photo of model Filippa Hamilton was clearly Photoshopped to make her appear unrealistically thin, prompting posts such as one from BoingBoing.-net with the caption, “Dude, her head’s bigger than her pelvis.” Ralph Lauren wasn’t pleased with the controversy, distributing copyright infringement notifications in response to the critical blog posts.


Dim bulb of the week: Michael Vick

What: The NFL quarterback will star in TV series documenting his life.

Why: After spending 18 months in prison for running the now infamous dog fighting operation and rejoining the NFL, Michael Vick is trying to further his comeback with an eight-part BET reality show series. The television show will reportedly try to humanize Vick, documenting his personal struggles, including issues with his fiancée and how he contends with the throngs of people who are still enraged by his crimes.


Sinking ship

Parents at one school in Ireland, who are likely already struggling with the economic impacts of the country’s recession, now have to pitch in for one more expense. School officials at a primary school in the county of Cork have asked that students bring their own roll of toilet paper to help the school save money.

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