Treasure Island residents not reassured by claims

At the Navy information session on Treasure Island earlier this month, several residents complained Shaw and subcontractors had not followed proper toxic waste and RadSafe protocols in the cleanup of sites that were recently disclosed by the press as impacted by radiological contamination (“City digs into pollution threat,” Sept. 12).

Late in the meeting, one resident asked those in the audience who worked for state or federal agencies (or their contractors) and had intimate knowledge of the cleanup of Treasure Island to stand up and raise their hands. More than a dozen stood up, mostly Shaw and other contractors.

He then asked the follow-up question: “Keep standing with your hand raised if you believe that T.I. is safe enough to raise your own family here now? In 2011? 2010? 2009? (And so on, back to the Navy years.)” One person who did not remain standing and dropped her hand was Shaw certified health physicist Christine Donahue. She sat down and lowered her hand, smiling, somewhere along that timeline.

Treasure Island residents can draw their own conclusions.

Jeff Kline
Treasure Island resident
San Francisco

Olague is MIA in District 5

I have one question for Supervisor Christina Olague: “Where are you?”

Your photo appears in the newspapers with Willie Brown, state Sen. Mark Leno or Mayor Ed Lee, but I’ve never seen you in person in our neighborhood.

Back in February, on a bitterly cold evening, my doorbell rang at about 7 p.m., and it was Thea Selby going door to door and introducing herself to the neighbors. Impressed, I asked her in to get warm, and we conversed for almost an hour. She asked me to host a “meet-and-greet” event for my neighbors, and I agreed to do that. She followed up with emails, updates and excellent communications.

A few months later, I was invited to a similar event for London Breed at a friend’s house in Cole Valley. She, too, was personable, well-educated and, like Selby, seems to be genuinely interested in our district.

Both of these candidates have gone out of their way to actually meet people who live here and talk with them. I will have a difficult time choosing between them, or which to choose first.

As for Olague, I have one question: “Where are you?”

Angus Whyte
San Francisco

Political influence at issue

Why do Willie Brown and Rose Pak care about who is elected the District 5 supervisor? That’s how they keep their grip on power.

Yes, their puppet may vote against the Pak-Brown interests from time to time. However, when it comes to getting important things passed, such as the 8 Washington St. project, the puppet has her strings pulled by her puppet master.

“Can’t see the string,” you say? Just look at the fundraisers like the one at the Ferry Building, recently given by Willie Brown. Or the summer’s fundraiser, given by Pak, Brown and Mayor Ed Lee. That’s why London Breed said Supervisor Christina Olague has been “bought and paid for.”

Breed is the honest voice we need to represent the people of District 5. She’s not a shill for the power players of San Francisco politics.

Ted Loewenberg
San Francisco

Obama’s all talk, no plan

President Barack Obama’s U.N. speech was full of lofty rhetoric that Iran should not obtain nuclear weapons, yet, again, he establishes no definite line for which he would take action (“Obama calls for end to intolerance, warns Iran,” Wednesday).

This sounds like Obama’s same old playbook: Speak loudly and carry a small stick.

Scott Abramson
San Mateo

Warriors roar back to win behind a Looney performance

Golden State takes 2-0 lead against Dallas in Western Conference Finals