Transgender youths need help to flourish

? Transgender rights for students can help them succeed,” Opinion, Wednesday

Transgender youths need help to flourish

When transgender students are held back from graduation because they missed required credits in physical education classes due to harassment, name-calling and bullying, they are affected for life. Makeup classes take valuable time away from transgender students who need to work and to further their education.

If transgender students drop out of school, it damages their self-esteem and employment prospects. It is to the state’s advantage to meet the educational needs of transgender students so they can pursue professional careers. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s School Success and Opportunity Act is needed to start transgender students on their way to successful opportunities in life.

James Patterson
San Francisco

? Tenancy-in-common legislation would benefit middle class,” Opinion, April 1

Stop condo conversions

Let’s get real: with no barrier to condo conversion, the proposed change would result in a huge wave of evictions as tenants in smaller buildings are evicted. The $20,000 cost is a joke, insignificant when typical units cost more than $1 million.

A fair solution is to not allow conversion on a building, ever, if there was an Ellis Act eviction or court action made by tenants for illegal eviction.

The poor tenancy-in-common owners are a red herring.  Realtors are salivating over their next big boom — commissions from turning all those smaller rental buildings into condos.  

This needs to be stopped before it happens.  Let your supervisor know that he or she needs to stand up to these special interests, and this sneaky change isn’t acceptable.  Or maybe a proposition is needed.

David Qrady
San Francisco

? Lennar loan deal with China bank falls apart, leaving San Francisco developments searching for money,” Local News, April 12

Relocate arena plans

Now that the development deal with the Chinese government has collapsed, The City should consider building the Warriors Arena at either Treasure Island or Hunters Point.  

Throw in a couple of billion dollars for a BART station at both those destinations, and you’ve got a win for everyone!

Elizabeth Skrondal
San Francisco

? Muni’s mismanagement of Prop. A may hurt future funding tries,” Local News, April 14

Prop. A oversight needed

Thank you for exposing the improper use of Prop. A bonds by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

It does not surprise me, but it makes me wonder where the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee is.

They are supposed to make sure  bond funds are used as intended by the voters. Either they are asleep at the switch, or complacent.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

? Alamo Square neighbors petition for parking perk,” Local News, Tuesday

No fan of parking permits

Requiring expensive residential parking permits in the Alamo Square area is a bad idea. There is no proof that “commuters” are the “90 percent of cars that are not moved,” per your article. Indeed, my car is one of those, as I hardly use it and therefore it sits on my street most days.

I am not convinced that permit parking will result in added parking for residents. And why punish those who want to visit our restaurants, shops or parks?

But, alas, I do not hold out much hope. After all, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency must continue to get more fees and revenues they can misappropriate.

Sherrie Matza
San Francisco

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