This Jewish deli is pure S.F., not N.Y.

? Shorty Goldstein’s: Nice Jewish deli now in San Francisco,” Food, Friday

This Jewish deli is pure S.F., not N.Y.  

I would like to begin by thanking food critic Alex Hochman for his detailed and thoughtful review of our restaurant, Shorty Goldstein’s.

It is very important to us to ensure that guests are arriving with managed expectations regarding the style of food that we serve. We are indeed a Jewish deli, serving traditional recipes passed down through chef Michael’s family for generations, as well as a few deli classics.

However, we are not a New York deli. We are a San Francisco deli. This may seem like a minor point to emphasize, but as your reviewer can attest to, places such as Katz Delicatessen and Carnegie hold very special places in some people’s hearts and memories and are exactly the delis called to mind when someone mentions the Big Apple.
We have gone to great lengths since we opened to make clear to them that while they are going to enjoy Jewish food, it may not be quite like what they’ve experienced elsewhere. The style of food that we celebrate here may have been made famous by some big names in the East, but the recipes have existed and evolved all over the world.

Katelin Walters
Manager, Shorty Goldstein’s
San Francisco

? Polk Street community meetings over parking loss for bike lane turning ugly,” Local News, April 7

Change good for Polk St.

As a nursing student currently studying community health at UC San Francisco, I find the Polk Street parking debate particularly interesting. The statistics show that the odds for being involved in an accident while walking are significantly greater on Polk than other city streets.

Also, fewer cars resulting in fewer emissions might improve air quality in the neighborhood. During the Summer Olympics of 1996 in Atlanta, a study found a decrease in ozone concentrations and a decrease in the number of asthma admissions to hospitals during the time that traffic was rerouted from the downtown area.  

A safer Polk Street and improved air quality might be reason enough to lend support to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s proposed traffic changes on Polk Street.

Cathy O’Connor
San Francisco

? New San Francisco startup aims to create mobile showers for homeless out of abandoned Muni buses,” Local News, Monday

Helping out homeless

Great idea for using discarded Muni buses. Since homeless people would be showering and cleaning themselves up, it makes no sense for them to put their dirty, filthy clothes back on afterward. Maybe they should add a couple of washing machines on the buses as well. While they’re at it, how about a barber and manicurist?

There’s nothing like a well-groomed panhandler, I always say. Being homeless in The City is looking better every day.

Dave Barsi
Daly City

? Vietnam War remembered

Peace is right decision

On Tuesday, we commemorated the 38-year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War.  

Certain facts left their mark: More than 58,000 American troops died. Millions of Vietnamese troops from all regions of Vietnam were killed. More than 3 million Vietnamese children and adult civilians perished. Millions more were widowed or orphaned.

Let us not send young men and women abroad to kill and to be killed in the name of some misguided foreign policy. Let us reclaim our belief in the sanctity of human life, and turn swords into plowshares. As human brothers and sisters, we deserve to live in peace.

Anh Le
San Francisco

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