The San Francisco Transit Riders Muni Challenge

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although SF Transit Riders, the group that sponsored the San Francisco Transit Riders Muni Challenge, specified that part of the challenge was for officials to tweet their rides to receive credit, not all apparently did so.
The San Francisco Examiner received this note from Thea Selby, chair of the SF Transit Riders, in response to our report of the challenge results: “The Mayor reportedly rode Muni 6 times during the challenge, and did not use the hashtag #OnBoardSF, so our automatic counter did not pick it up. Other Supervisors transferred lines and did not get credit for it. While the objective of this Challenge–to encourage public officials to experience Muni and support it more because they know what it’s like, and to build a positive Muni riders community–was met beyond our wildest expectations, we want to give credit where credit is due.”

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