The Examiner's naughty-and-nice list for The City in 2011

’Tis the season for doling out presents to those who have been nice this year, but it is also the time of reckoning for the naughty in San Francisco who deserve a lump of coal in their stocking. It has been an interesting year of politics, protests and unsportsmanlike behavior, but a few rose above the fray. Here is the list from The San Francisco Examiner that we have checked twice for St. Nick to bestow grand gifts (or not).

Run, Ed, Run Campaign
Skirted the letter and violated the spirit of campaign laws in efforts that hurt as much as helped the Ed Lee mayoral campaign.

San Francisco voters
They suffered through ranked-choice voting, but more importantly, they passed Proposition C. The passage of The City’s first truly comprehensive pension reform is the beginning of putting our future budgets back on track. The City’s voters also elected the first Chinese-American mayor.

State Sen. Leland Yee
Ran a negative, nasty campaign for mayor and bilked taxpayer-funded public financing to do it.

Jim Harbaugh
Not only does Santa want to stuff the 49ers head coach’s stocking with goodies, every fan of the Red and  Gold wants to deliver Harbaugh a Christmas gift and a birthday gift. (His birthday was Friday.) For the first time in nine years, the 49ers are heading to the playoffs.

Jim Schwartz
All we can say to the Detroit Lions coach: It was a slap on the back. Get over it.

BART board of directors
The board parted ways with General Manager Dorothy Dugger and quickly went off track in
decision-making. With its handling of protests about a BART police shooting — including the shutdown of cellphone service — commuters were left stranded at shuttered stations thanks to poor judgment.

Scott Wiener
While other city supervisors are tackling nonbinding anti-war resolutions, Wiener is not afraid to tackle wonky and hot-button issues in San Francisco, such as bare butts on seats, dog-walkers gone wild and food trucks run amok.

Frank McCourt
The Los Angeles Dodgers owner hit a new low when, in legal filing, he claimed Giants fan Bryan Stow was partially responsible for being attacked outside  Dodger Stadium by two thuggish L.A. fans.

Buster Posey
After a season-ending collision at home plate, the Giants catcher could have taken to Twitter to complain or lambasted the other team for the hit. He could have also kvetched about being sidelined as his team blew its chances for a World Series repeat. But Posey took the high road, forgave Scott Cousins for the hit and trained hard for a comeback in the new year.

If there was ever a time for corporate responsibility — or, hell, plain noncorporate decency — 2011 would have been it. Instead, the victims of the San Bruno blast were battling for reimbursements after the utility company blew up their neighborhood in 2010. Moreover, the company tried to blame others and even attempted to pass some costs onto ratepayers.

Good Samaritans

San Franciscans often are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. For helping a neighbor or a tourist, donating time and efforts to charities, or performing spectacular feats at great personal risk, Santa will reward you. Here are just a few we would like to note:

  • The three people who pulled a man from a burning car in SoMa.
  • The mother who pulled a driver from a flaming semi truck.
  • The person who helped locate a woman who had a seizure and fell off an embankment at McLaren Park.
  • Glide Memorial and St. Anthony’s for feeding The City’s neediest year-round.
  • And the thousands of hours and dollars donated each year by citizens, small and big businesses and nonprofits.
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