Stop large development

More walkers hurt in crashes,” The City, Tuesday

Walkers’ safety important

Thank you for putting the issue of pedestrian safety on your cover where it belongs.

I am a walker and a driver, but most of the time, I walk. The numbers of pedestrian injuries and deaths are inexcusable, and I would take them as a whole since fewer deaths have resulted from medical advances.

I was also dismayed to see that the photo topping the article was one of walkers crossing against the signal. This happens, but usually people are cautious and no walker has harmed a car thus far. This walker has become tired of dodging people on skateboards, bikes and cars who pay no attention to pedestrians.

W.S. Beck

San Francisco

Tepid turnout expected at polls,” The City, Monday

Pollution and development

Voters need to be aware that the 8 Washington St. project sponsor is asking us to approve not just the height of his project, but also 150-plus public parking spaces and 134 parking spaces for the 134 condo units in an area that has the best transit options by land, sea and rail anywhere west of Chicago.

These unnecessary public and private parking spaces mean more traffic congestion on The Embarcadero, which increases the carcinogenic poisons released into the air by vehicles that lead to premature deaths, according to the World Health Organization. With Proposition B, voters are also being asked if we want to kill San Franciscans with more air pollution from cars or not?

I don’t think we should knowingly allow the level of air pollution to increase, period. Killing San Franciscans should not be something any of us consider approving. Vote No on B.

<p> Jamie Whitaker

San Francisco

New entry shakes up soda fight,” The City, Wednesday

Sugary drinks a red herring

Does our Board of Supervisors have nothing more important to do than find things to control our lives? The proposed soda tax is ridiculous.

We tell parents what to feed their kids but we can’t make sure that we won’t lose our beloved City College, which would educate our kids.

If people can’t buy sodas or sports drinks without taxation here, they will just shop in another county where it’s not taxable.

This is the same city that says smoke pot but don’t drink a cola. These supervisors have so much time on their hands.

Sharon McCray

San Francisco

Project could revamp Mission BART site,” The City, Tuesday

Stop large development

Yet another monstrous high-density housing project with 351 apartments is being proposed for an already overcrowded city. However, more than 100 of these supersized buildings are already sprouting up in the rest of The City and throughout the Bay Area.

I suspect this development might be part of the Plan Bay Area. Originally concocted in the 1990s, the plan promotes the construction of supersized apartment buildings throughout the Bay Area in a concept labeled “transit-oriented development.”

The plan is sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association Of Bay Area Governments. According to the plan, developers can receive partial financing for their projects through grants from the MTC, an agency funded by bridge tolls and gas taxes.

Real estate developers and the construction industry will reap huge profits from the plan. However the vast majority of the citizens are vehemently opposed to it and a lawsuit has been filed to block its implementation. Whether or not the proposed buildings at 16th and Mission streets are part of Plan Bay Area, it’s time for a ballot initiative to block the further Manhattanization of The City.

Galen L. Dutch

San Francisco

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