Skate park is not welcome on street

There has been vast neighborhood opposition to the on-street skateboard park being imposed at the Stanyan/Waller site. Neighbors are not opposed to a skateboard park in Golden Gate Park, and offered to help find a better location.

In imposing this skateboard facility, the Recreation and Park Department did no neighborhood outreach. Then, when confronted with opposition from hundreds of nearby residents, businesses and neighborhood organizations, the department turned a deaf ear to their concerns.

Our main complaints were having a noisy skateboard park placed too close to homes and businesses, interference with the present multi-use of the site and potential property damages. Those concerns have been borne out.

Neighbors want to see this area remain a peaceful, multi-use place adjoining the park for all to enjoy.

Martha Hoffman, San Francisco

Represent right and left  

I hope the new owner of The San Francisco Examiner, Todd Vogt, keeps at least some of the previous conservative tone of the paper so that our views can be heard above the din of the liberal-progressive blather from all the other news sources in the Bay Area. If the liberals’ mantra about having “all the voices being heard” is to be realized, it must also include the conservative voice, whether they like it or not.

Dwight Lee, San Francisco

Taking pride with Gaga

Let’s make this year’s gay Pride Celebration one we can be truly proud of by joining Lady Gaga in her campaign to stop teen bullying. In fact, I suggest that for the year 2012 we have a theme of “Born this Way” and we ask Lady Gaga to be our grand marshal and star performer on our main stage. It would be even more powerful if all the cities with pride parades could unite for this theme. I hope those of you who support this idea will write your Pride
Celebration Committee and let them know.

Bob Sodervick, San Francisco

A new look at capitalism

The political climate in this country has certainly polarized, but at what cost? Whatever you might think about the behavior of Occupy SF, they have a valid central point and may speak for many in the silent majority. Something is wrong when financial institutions can act at will and cater to self-interests with no regard for the damage done.

For the U.S. to get on solid ground again, what seems necessary is a free-enterprise capitalistic system modified with social welfare more in line with the Constitution.

This can be modeled from what the Scandinavian countries have developed, which is not “socialistic.” The definition of socialism is community ownership and control of all means of production, distribution and exchange — that’s not an option for the U.S.

Jorg Aadahl, San Mateo

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