SF Examiner needs a progressive voice

Welcome to Todd Vogt as new head of The San Francisco Examiner. I cheer the news that the newspaper will change its style and “be more truly reflective of the ideals of San Francisco.” And Mr. Vogt, you could start by hiring a columnist who reflects the liberal-progressive heart of The City. Until you do, I will doubt your intentions.

Melissa Griffin and Ken Garcia do OK in speaking for the conservative minority here, but a liberal/progressive voice here might win over skeptics of The San Francisco Examiner’s true intentions, such as myself.

Also, who is Todd Vogt? I Googled him and came up with not much. If Mr. Vogt is to be more than an anonymity locally, he should provide his background and philosophy. For instance, does he believe in comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable? Or does he represent the 1 percent?

John M. Kelly, San Francisco

Spot-on local reporting

Congrats to your new publisher Todd Vogt, who said the “other” paper is lackluster and stopped reporting on local issues that truly matter.

He must be right, because every day I look forward to reading your informative and spot-on local articles by crime reporter Mike Aldax; political reporters Joshua Sabatini and Will Reisman; and the always irreverent Melissa Griffin, who tells it like it is and makes me chuckle. Then there are your editorials, with which I agree about 95 percent of the time.

Way to go, and please keep going.

Ann Grogan, San Francisco

BART is not for partygoers

I read with relief that the BART proposal to start Saturday’s commute 20 minutes later has been quashed. This was the right decision, because providing partygoers with a ride home into the wee hours while inconveniencing hard-working riders who must be at work on Saturday mornings would have been extremely unfair.

BART leadership might have made many mistakes this year, but this latest move is a face-saving one. I hope the trend will continue.

John Anwani, Antioch

Crime is a serious matter

Readers could be forgiven for thinking they are reading the comic strip “Dick Tracy” when they see the Law & Disorder page of The San Francisco Examiner.

Just about every time, I read about thugs, goons, hoodlums, a wicked woman, dim crooks, mug shots and cellphone-stealing punks. Although this rather descriptive cub reporting is somewhat amusing, it does take away from the seriousness of the incidents being reported.

Mary French, San Francisco

Don’t bail out ex-cons

I still cannot get over that our Board of Supervisors might possibly give corporations a tax loophole to support convict employment. Apparently, these politicians are tone deaf to the public’s demand to “stop all these bailouts at taxpayer expense.”

Taxpayers already finance various jailhouse rehab programs. But using the tax code for this is just another disguised bailout. Who’s helping the 54,000 unemployed and underemployed San Franciscans?

R.E. O’Leary
, San Francisco

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