San Franciscans are losing control of our city

“San Francisco is turning into New York City,” San Franstartup, March 13

San Franciscans are losing control of our city

Driving is terrible and parking is worse. More people, more cars, less lanes to drive and less places to park. Try dropping off a patient at 490 Post St. or at 450 Sutter St. The curb lane is filled with delivery trucks, which park and stay for a long time. Drop-offs have to be made in the next lane with car lights blinking and a rush to get the patient from the vehicle.

The SFMTA and city bureaucrats have eliminated driving lanes and made other lanes for Muni and taxis only. Bike riders have influenced the bureaucrats, so preference is given to accommodate the cyclists. Many people in our society cannot bike or take Muni.

Mayor Lee has had his hand in all of this and needs to take some responsibility. There is no one answer, but things can be and should be better.

Ronald Gaggero

San Francisco

“S.F. school leaders attempt to steer news coverage of district-owned KALW,” The City, March 2

‘Community radio’ needs help

I have been employed at various school sites within the San Francisco Unified School District for more than 30 years. As a longtime radio enthusiast, I am very disappointed at the lack of interest the school’s radio station has in our public school students, as well as my fellow educational workers. I am very interested in whatever their program director had to say (my own inquiries have gone unanswered).

I appeared before the school board in the fall and am particularly bothered by the complete lack of coverage of the arts in regard to our students, including the physical arts at all grade levels. Even the scores of our intermural games are not announced. KALW calls itself “Community Radio,” but their community is evidently an exclusive one.

David G. Williams

San Francisco

“Neighbors memorialize homeless man as ‘concierge of Polk Street,’” On Guard, March 7

Remembering Don Jones

Thank you so much for writing about Don Jones. As one of the many who bought Street Sheet from him, I am very sad that he has died. His was a very positive presence.

Susan Snider

San Francisco

A positive neighborhood presence

Thanks for mentioning Don in your column. I didn’t know he passed away. I used to work at Real Foods 15 years ago. I think he worked in the produce department.

As you mentioned, years later, you would still see him on the street. Either there or in front of Walgreens.

I didn’t know about his son. That’s sad.

Paul N.

San Francisco

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