S.F. celebrating our innovative spirit in October

Last year, I declared October to be Innovation Month, and this year we're continuing the tradition with a monthlong celebration that highlights not just the technology companies that make our city hum, but the people who help create opportunities for innovation in the city of San Francisco.

Innovation is about our connection to people. Whether you're a programmer working at a startup or a construction worker building one of the buildings going up in our growing neighborhoods, your best contribution to this city is innovation. As the Innovation Capital of the World, our city attracts the kind of creative minds that help us be more innovative in how we connect to and take care of the world around us.

My pledge to reduce waste has helped us move ever closer to our goal of zero waste by 2020. Our dedication to public safety has given us better ways for police to operate in the field and made San Francisco one of the safest big cities. Our promise to help companies start, stay and grow in The City has brought more jobs for the people of San Francisco and created one of the strongest economies in the nation.

San Francisco is home to the “maker” movement — an area I am excited to see gaining momentum. San Francisco's maker community is the future of domestic manufacturing and the key to creating both jobs and radical solutions to real problems. I've seen 3-D printing of prosthetic limbs and real innovations that can make lives better. I'm happy to have such a big community working and growing here in San Francisco.

This month, in partnership with the Exploratorium and the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District, we are launching our first Living Innovation Zone on Market Street at Yerba Buena Lane. They'll be unveiling a dynamic public installation that combines science, education and technology — right there on the sidewalk.

The Living Innovation Zone is an exciting way to introduce creativity into our daily lives by placing innovation on the street where you can see it, touch it and experience it.

Innovation is everywhere. It's part of the history of our city. It's in the small business that thrive in our communities, it's in the startups that set the pace of innovation, and it's in our people who come here looking for a city where big ideas can happen.

I look forward to seeing you during the month of October as we celebrate the innovative spirit of San Francisco. For a full list of events and to learn more about October's Innovation Month, go to im.innovatesf.com.

Ed Lee is the mayor of San Francisco.

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