Racial bias article didn’t tell full story

The article alleging racial bias in student discipline assumes that because black and Hispanic students are being suspended from school more frequently than Asian and Caucasian students, the cause “must” be racism (“Taking prejudice out of punishment,” Sunday).   

However, the article does not state that Asian and Caucasian students are not being disciplined for the same conduct, so your readers cannot judge for themselves whether selective enforcement is actually taking place. The chart in the article does not even give the suspension rates for Asian students.   

Moreover, the statement that the alleged discriminatory enforcement is caused by the social attitudes of “white, middle-class women” is itself racist, classist and sexist, as well as offensive to the many fine teachers in our public schools who teach students of all races and who have to put up with rude and disruptive behavior.  

Roger Ritter
San Francisco

Ad perpetuates Asian bias

While one S.F. Examiner reader was delighted at seeing a Muni bus ad with “two cute gay young men tucked inside a Gap T-shirt” with the caption, ‘Be One’ (“Praise for Gap ad honoring gay lifestyle,” June 3), I was slightly taken aback at the ad with a white male and an Asian woman also tucked inside a T-shirt.

Many people don’t realize that this kind of image still touches a nerve among some Asian males. As long as Hollywood has been in existence, the white guy always got the exotic Asian female beauty. Anyone ever see “Slanted Screen,” producer-director (and San Francisco public defender) Jeff Adachi’s movie about Asian
stereotypes in film?

How about depicting an Asian guy in a T-shirt with a white female or male next time if the Gap’s “Be One” diversity ad campaign is expanded?

Nancy Wong
San Francisco

Consider Mirkarimi’s son

As the Ross Mirkarimi case goes deeper into the wrongdoings of the removal process (“S.F. misconduct alleged,” Monday), let us remember one thing as Father’s’ Day approaches: There is a sweet little 3-year-old boy thousands of miles away from his father.

This little boy is the true victim here; he lost his father to a system that somehow believes they are protecting him and his mother, Eliana Lopez. This is a tragic situation. It should never have come to this.

Vivian Imperiale
San Francisco

Sheriff should resign post

Although I voted for Ross Mirkarimi for sheriff, I now believe he should resign so the Sheriff’s Department can get back to concentrating on its real work. If he refuses to resign, The City should continue its attempts to permanently remove him from office. Mirkarimi needs to “move on” for the sake of himself and his family.

Tresa Eyres
San Francisco

Death wins popular vote

Death and Disease were unhappy. Seems they’d acquired a bad name over the years. They most certainly weren’t appealing to a majority of voters.

But Death and Disease weren’t the sort to give up easily. So they hired a political consultant. The consultant in turn hired a public relations firm that hired an ad agency. And before you knew it, Death and Disease had been repackaged as crusaders against the evils of “big government” and “bureaucracy.”

And that, children, is how Death and Disease, aka the tobacco industry, defeated Proposition 29, which would have increased the cigarette tax by $1 and helped fund cancer research. Ain’t democracy grand?

Riley B. VanDyke
San Francisco

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