Pre-emptive strike is needed against Iran

Iran has again proven itself a dangerous, rogue nation. The recent foiled assassination plot is one more link in a chain of radical Iranian behavior spanning decades.

Since the vicious 1979 mob seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, the government there has not been a respectable member of the world community. It is well known that Iran has poured millions of dollars and tons of weapons into the hands of the Iraqi insurgents. Needless to say, that makes it responsible for thousands of American deaths.

One of the greatest fears of the free and civilized world is a nuclear weapon in the hands of fanatical terrorists. Yet America and the rest of the globe just sit back and do nothing while Iran feverishly develops nuclear capability.

It is time for a pre-emptive strike on the insanely dangerous Iranian government. Left unchecked, the hardliners ruling Iran will bring great pain and suffering to the world and their own citizens.

Barry Bradley, San Francisco

Wealth disparity harmful

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been criticized on a number of points, but it does offer one extremely important insight: The great disparity in wealth in this country is bad for all of us. It is one thing driving the depression.

Ours is a consumer-driven economy. It requires a large working class that earns enough to buy generously at Target, Kmart, etc.

It is bad for the economy when the banks pauperize workers by foreclosing on their homes rather than renegotiating mortgages. It is bad for the 99 percent when the government lays off public sector workers or interferes with workers’ rights to negotiate fair wages.

This is bad for business and ultimately bad for everyone.

Richard Innerst, San Mateo

Whitman right on Brown

Meg Whitman was right. Gov. Jerry Brown has only made a few decreases of state budget expenditures, for the most part.

Where he has made actual reductions is due to the Republican members of the Senate and the Assembly refusing to go along with Brown’s tax increases.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Whitman, who ran against Jerry Brown in 2008, warned that if Brown was elected governor, he would be a ventriloquist’s dummy for the public employee unions.

Mike McAdoo, San Francisco

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